32 seriously gorgeous brides wearing hijab on their wedding day

Can someone say mashallah?

 1. Literally #couplegoals

2. Matching colors+makeup= perfection

3. The happiness here is blindingly sweet

4. A modern twist on being a princess

5. Stunning, angelic AND dramatic, mA

6. Absolutely photogenic

7. The ultimate wedding goals

8. They’re pulling off the #couplegoals angle

9. #Squadgoals

10. Slayin’

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11. The love in this photo is overwhelming

12. Stunning outfit

13. What a beautiful couple!

14. Looking like royalty

15. Gorgeous

16. They’re so cute, we can’t deal.

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"I walked into my wedding reception wearing grandmother’s white cotton saree with zero makeup and no jewellery. Many asked me why. So here is my reason. I was troubled by the singular image of a bride that our society has – with tons of makeup, a weighty dress and mounds of jewellery weighing her down. Again, to look like a bride, she needs to wear a crazy expensive dress, which ironically makes walking difficult for her (due to its weight) and never comes of any use after the wedding. But the society won’t accept it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, if a girl wants to use make-up, jewellery and expensive clothes for herself, I am all in for that. But it is a problem when she loses her agency in deciding what she would like to wear on her wedding day. When the society forces her to doll up and look like a different person, it gives a message that the authentic look of a girl isn’t good enough for her own wedding. Personally, I feel that we need to change this mindset. A girl should not need a whitening lotion, a gold necklace or an expensive saree to be accepted as a bride or to make her feel confident. So I arrived at my wedding venue wearing my dadu’s saree, with zero makeup and no jewellery. People may call it simple, but it was very special to me, for what I believe in and what it means to me. I faced a lot of resistance from many quarters after making this decision. Certain members of my family even said that they won’t take any photo with me because I didn’t dress like (they imagine) a bride. " Tasnim Jara – Via @amaliah_com ? #hijabiwedding #hijabiweddingInBangladesh #desi #asianweddings #weddingconfessions #makeup #culture #nikkah #walimah #hijabibride #hijabweddingdress #dollup #indianwedding #nomakeup #bangladesh #muslimfeminist #beyourself #muslimcouple #muslimwedding #muslimbride #hijabers

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17. Dramatic + stunning

18. That look – aw!

19. Her smile and hijab is on fleek 

20. She looks like a princess

21. She looks like a mermaid – gorgeous!

22. The perfect couple

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23. Rockin’ it

24. Culturally and aesthetically pleasing

25. Woah – she’s stunning

26. When you find “The One”

27. Real life mermaid

28. *feels*

29. Her dress is stunning

30. Her hijab and dress are beautiful. #goals

31. Bedazzled!

32. Stunning.