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To boldly go where no tech has gone before: The best of Tech & Money 2016

From focusing on fitness to mental health, college debts and financial troubles to acing your courses and getting better grades, we've covered all the apps.

With the countdown beginning soon, we’re approaching that time of the year. The time where we reflect over the past 365 days. This year has had its highs and lows, but if there’s something that’s been evident throughout, it’s change.

Yes, we’re constantly evolving and changing, but more substantially, so is the tech world. It’s been revolutionary indeed, and by revolutionary we don’t just mean moving away from traditional USB ports and earphone plugs or IOT devices and security risks.

We mean the worldwide acceptance and transition of the use of smartphones and apps by different generations.

We’ve also seen the tech world make massive headlines, although not necessarily in the best light. With email hacks during elections seasons and Yahoo becoming the new notorious name in the big book of bad security, security awareness has definitely increased this past year.

But the tech world isn’t completely bleak. We’ve seen innovation and creativity in phone apps like never before. If you can think of an aspect of life, there’s either an application that already exists or one that’s being worked on, as we speak.

From focusing on fitness to mental health, college debts and financial troubles to acing your courses and getting better grades, we’ve covered the apps that cover all these facets.

We got you fam.

Here’s a roundup of the best Tech + Money articles. Still not the Jetsons’ life, but we’re definitely moving closer to it.

1. 15 apps that will change your health for the better

15 Apps Icon Images

This is one of my favorite tech articles of the year. It gives a neat roundup of apps that are changing everyday routines; they’re great every-day alternatives to breaking the bank. Whether you want to focus on physical fitness, personal trainers/yoga/working out or mental health, if you’re stressed or have an actual mental disorder, this piece covers apps for every aspect of your health.

Give it a read. Once I was done, my phone had some incredible apps and I was feeling motivated about taking charge of my health with an action plan.

Now if only I had that 132 gigs storage, sigh.

2. 8 women who are changing the financial world through technology

8 Women Changing the Tech Industry Photos

There’s nothing quite like reading about boss ladies who are running the world. If you want some motivation, read about these power women who are revolutionizing the fin-tech industry.

Granted, STEM and the fin-tech industry both have gender imbalances. But, there are still women who are in that industry, and who we need to encourage. They’re paving the way for more women. GIRL POWER ALL THE WAY!

3. 16 apps that will guarantee your college success

Apps Guaranteeing College Success Image

No, we don’t just use our phones for staying in touch with people living on the same street psh. We also use them for productivity, studying, and all things college. Honestly.

These apps will be your best-friends once the next semester starts. Regardless of what year you’re in or what major you’re studying, this neat listicle covers everything you’ll need for a successful semester. This isn’t your orthodox list for As for the all work and no play that makes Jane a dull girl; it’s a well-rounded mix for Janine, who gets her work done on time and still has fun. It’s time to progress from Jane to Janine and prep up so you’re good to go from day one.


4. 7 tech patents that have got to be from the future

Flintstones and technology gif

But, it’s not all dark and gloomy. Tech is supposed to be visionary, and revolutionizing, and all things futuristic.

This article rounds up 7 patents that are definitely steering in that direction. From lights disinfecting phones to real-life emojis, you’ve got to read this one.

You know why?

So you can talk about what’s going to be big before its big. The Jetsons’ future might not be too far.

5. 5 insanely effective apps that’ll help you relax

Hand pressing phone app gif
Source: FatCoDesign

These work. They ACTUALLY work.

If 2017 is even remotely close to being as stressful as 2016, then we’re probably going to need apps that help us calm down.

Change is inevitable, yes, but some things just never change. Like the stress before due dates, big meetings, after uber procrastination, and finals/exams/results weeks. To fight that stress, we’ve got a neat listicle with these super-effective apps that help you meditate and counter stress.

My personal recommendation in addition to these is trying the 4-7-8 rule [breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and breathe out for 8 seconds]. Repeat.