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#GiftIdeasForPoliticians takes the dark turn you expected

The comedic hashtag reflects just how unbelievably awful this year has been, and how disillusioned we all are.

This week, in a nod to the people standing in lines at all over the Western Hemisphere, the hashtag #GiftIdeasForPoliticians took off. In any other year this might have been simply a tongue-in-cheek commentary on people’s general low-level disdain for those who make our most important decisions. Instead, the Twittersphere unleashed 18-months worth of pent-up rage and disgust.


1. Just how deep is this hole? Are we sure they can’t crawl back out?

2. Clearly.

3. Honestly, the fact the Flint water crisis is still ongoing should make every politician in the country hang their head in shame.

4. Would this help?

5. Maybe they’ll understand the importance of water in the context of their real estate value.

6. Also known as “2016: A History”

7. This might actually work.

8. Indeed.

9. Given the abuse of religion which some politicians have made their bread and butter, I don’t think this would help.

10. This is a popular choice…

11. Hah!

12. If we’re lucky, the Wicked Witch might kidnap them on their way to get it.

13. YES.

14. If that doesn’t solve our deficit problem, nothing will.


16. Just try to keep that image out of your head.

17. Is this a once size fits all deal or what?


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Nadia Eldemerdash

Nadia Eldemerdash

Nadia Eldemerdash is the Life + Love editor at The Tempest. A communications specialist by day, her writing focuses on migration and identity. By night, she blogs about media and creativity at CreativeQuibble.com. Favorite things include junk food, packing luggage, and the idea of exercise.

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