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#SupportPOCpods serves as a reminder for us all to stand up for podcasters of color

Despite the hard work POC are doing to create and produce fantastic work, they face unfair challenges and obstacles that white creators don't have to worry about.

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, there’s an all too common problem in the industry that is becoming more and more obvious: racism.

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Just like any other industry, despite the hard work POC are doing to create and produce fantastic work, they face unfair challenges and obstacles that white creators don’t have to worry about.

Enter #SupportPOCpods, a hashtag and an amazing open letter to the podcasting industry:

Traditional entertainment media has played a shameful role in normalizing the passive white supremacy successfully mobilized by our President-elect. From television news to television dramas; from independent film to Hollywood blockbusters, talented people of color face nearly impossible odds when charting career paths in the industries that shape American culture.

Even if we overcome these odds and break into mainstream entertainment, we are often unheard, unseen, or poorly represented. The vast majority of our roles are written, directed, or mediated by white people. Erasure and poor representation reinforce harmful stereotypes, robbing people of color of our individual humanity, and bigotry thrives in an environment where “others” are not humanized.

Podcasting, as a medium, can provide a powerful remedy for these ills. Unlike other forms of mass media, its low cost of entry means that podcasting isn’t intrinsically prohibitive to the historically disadvantaged in this country. Podcasting provides people of color with the opportunity to circumvent existing content creation and distribution systems that privilege whiteness.

But don’t forget to take a look at #SupportPOCpods on Twitter to join the conversation. Check out 21 of the best tweets below; see what people are saying and get some recommendations for awesome podcasts you can subscribe to and support today:






















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Chelsea Ennen

Chelsea Ennen

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