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5 pro-Trump media outlets you need to ditch – and 5 to start reading like your life depends on it


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To say that the mainstream media has done American democracy a disservice this election cycle would be an understatement. From Day One, news organizations should have represented Donald Trump for what he actually is: a sexist, racist, tax-evading, business-failing man accused of sexual assault with absolutely no political experience. Instead, the media depicted him as a “controversial” but not altogether unexpected candidate (while constantly covering Secretary Clinton’s damn emails).

And that kind of support won him the election.

A Klan-backed internet troll is going to be delivering the next State of the Union. Click To Tweet

As the United States recovers from the election and prepares for what the next four years may bring, you might be asking where you should be getting your news. Unfortunately, many conservative and mainstream news organizations are still normalizing Trump, but there are liberal and independent media companies offering diverse and inclusive alternative coverage. In times like these, it’s important to keep John Oliver’s words in mind: “Keep reminding yourself this is not normal. A Klan-backed misogynist internet troll is going to be delivering the next State of the Union address. And that is not normal. It is fucked up.”

That kind of media support won Trump the election. Click To Tweet

Here are 5 media sources you should ditch immediately, and 5 alternatives you should definitely switch to!


Whether mainstream news or “alt-right” (cough, neo-Nazi) propaganda, many American media organizations have failed to appropriately characterize Donald Trump’s actions as what they are: not normal. Here are five news organizations that either directly support Trump or indirectly contributed to his success by condoning his behavior (while we’re including links to theses sites so you can investigate them yourself, we encourage you to think twice before supporting these organizations with your views and resulting ad revenue):

American media organizations have failed to characterize Donald Trump's actions as what they are: not normal. Click To Tweet

1. Breitbart News


There aren’t enough words to describe our absolute distaste and outrage for Breitbart. You’ve likely heard about Breitbart News in past weeks since Trump appointed executive chair Steven Bannon as his chief strategist. What you might not have heard though are some of Breitbart’s recent “news” headlines: “Hate Hoax: Student Fakes Anti-Gay Notes From Trump Fan,” “Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood Committing ‘Real Genocide’ Against Black People,” and “Trump Supporters On Reddit Are Mailing Salt To The New York Times.” Um okay.

2. Fox News


We’re the kind of crazy liberal women that Bill O’Reilly would warn your grandparents about; that said we’re not huge fans of Fox News either. To be fair, even Fox News agrees that Donald Trump is too extreme a Republican. But that doesn’t take back the millions of dollars of free advertising the station gave Trump by covering him so extensively.

3. CNN


Probably the greatest reason why mainstream news organizations like CNN covered Trump was because he was just so strange that he was entertaining. For months, media companies covered Trump’s campaign in the entertainment sections of their publications instead of in politics. And when Trump’s campaign did become vaguely legit — well, then they started covering him in full force, referring to his policies as radical and controversial, but not downright scary.

4. CBS


We love you Sixty Minutes, we really do, and we get that inviting the President-Elect on-air for an interview is normal–but this President-Elect is not normal. At least we got this super awkward photograph out of the interview.

No worries about Trump/Pence beating Obama/Biden for Bromance Of The Decade.

5. The National Enquirer


With articles like “Why President Trump Must Build The Border Wall” and “The Face Of Death — Haggard Hillary’s First Post-Election Appearance,” we’re not really sure we should say anymore.

Switch to these, soon

We definitely think The Tempest should stay at the top of your media list. We’re deeply committed to telling the stories of diverse millennial women–exactly the stories that are going to come under fire during the next four years.

But if you need to expand that reading list beyond us, you should definitely start with these five fab news sources!

1. Mother Jones


Mother Jones has broken some of the first post-election stories about possible foreign intervention and conflicts of interest. They’ve also willingly admitted the role of media in normalizing Trump’s campaign, and offered an alternative–“We don’t claim to have all the answers on where things go from here. But we know a free, fearless press is an essential part of it, and that means doubling down on the investigative reporting.”

2. Bitch Magazine


Feminist magazine Bitch has joined the activist community in offering suggestions on how to move forward through the next four years. With “10 Ways To Resist Donald Trump: Activists Share Concrete Actions You Can Take Right Now” and “Journalists Shouldn’t Play By Donald Trump’s Rules,” Bitch is starting a dialogue about surviving in Trump’s America and making feminist waves

3. The Root


When it comes down to it, this election was about race (and how the U.S. has failed to deal with racial inequality) more than anything else. If you’re looking to expand your perspective beyond the white mainstream media, The Root is definitely the place to start.

For alternative coverage of the election, check out: “The Black Middle Class Is About to Get Trumped,” “‘White Working Class’ Narrative Is Nothing but a Racist Dog Whistle,” and “‘Make America Great Again’ Billboard Sparks Controversy in Miss.”

4. The Establishment


With articles like “Don’t Offer To Sign Up–Stop The Muslim Registry Before It Begins,”It’s Not Rural Voters Who Put Trump In Office–It’s White People,” “The Trans People Who Are Detransitioning To Stay Safe In Trump’s America,” and “What I’m Doing To Get My Black Ass Ready For The Next 4 Years” how can you really go wrong?

5. Autostraddle


The “feminist online community for multiple generations of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends)” hasn’t let Trump’s win silence them. Instead, they’ve gotten to work in full-force to produce stories like “Rebel Girls: A Reading List for the Revolution,” “Tila Tequila What The Fuck: Former MTV Star Now Identifies as ‘Literally Hitler,'” and “Foolish Child #10: The United States of Authoritarian Rule Bingo.”

This is not normal: find media that reminds you of that every day. Click To Tweet

The stories we tell ourselves about the world define our perceptions. As we head into these next four years, let the stories you hear be ones from marginalized groups or alternative sources.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down in news that justifies or normalizes Trump’s insanity. This is not normal: find media that reminds you of that every day.