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Deen Squad’s latest “OOOUUU” remix is a whole lot of NOOO

The song starts with Bismillah, but when you hear the rest, you're gonna say Astagfirullah.

In case you missed it, Deen Squad dropped another of its ‘halal remixes’ to popular hip hop songs. This time they remixed the song “OOOUUU.”

I’m still unsure as to why.

The song starts with Bismillah, but when you hear the rest, you’re gonna say Astagfirullah.

If you’ve listened to the original version of this, you’d know this is really a club song, with misogyny thrown in there. So once more, I get the need to push back against that, so young people will have better alternatives to these popular songs. But the mark’s been missed. Again.

It’s as though they take one step forward, then two massive steps back.

Let me walk you through the song.

The beginning of the song involves Muslim (halal, I presume) rebuttals to the original lyrics of the song: Where the original song says club, this one says mosque. It then continues with religious accusations being thrown around, with the necessary insertion of Arabic phrases. Again, I’m assuming this worked for them, as they wrote this song.

Then came the only lyric I agreed with, and yes, I can finally say that, who would’ve thought?

Maybe, maybe, someone finally told them that their inclusion of women in previous songs of theirs was absolutely misogynistic, because literally the only halal lyric there was informing the Muslim bros they need to treat all their wives equally. That was their one step forward.

Then came their two steps back.

In this video, instead of lamenting over Muslim women, we meet the squad of the Deen Squad, or so their sweaters say. And, as they assemble with their squad members, shout outs are given to different groups in the Muslim community, which aren’t all positive.

Note these weren’t statements said in praise of the community. Definitely wasn’t a song to unite the Muslim community.

If that didn’t confuse you, here’s the next thing that will make you facepalm.

THEY LITERALLY SING: “All Lives Matter except Shaytaan’s life!”

I’m not even kidding.

The Black Lives Matter movement has had to deal with co-opting and silencing in the form of “movements” like All Lives Matter and the ridiculous Blue Lives Matter. All of these have served to erase the systemic racism that black people have and continue to experience, and Deen Squad was nothing less than that: silencing, oppressive and overall awful.

But Deen Squad managed to do something no one else had done before:

Compare BLM to another creation entirely.

It’s one thing to try to diminish “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter,” but to include another creation entirely? Gimme a break! WHAT THE WHAT.

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to write something every time they release another one of these “halal” remixes.

Oh, one positive amidst the shitstorm: this time, they weren’t jumping around in thobes.

Let’s hope this trend continues.