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To the Texas Electorate who told a citizen to commit suicide: Nice try, but we’re not going anywhere

Trump supporters keep telling us to show grace in defeat when some of them cannot even manage grace in victory. 

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election win, there has been a lot of fear and anger among many of us who feel like we will be directly targeted. Those of us who have expressed these genuine fears have been told by the more affable – and I use this term loosely – Trump supporters to calm down. We have nothing to fear, they say. It was all just rhetoric to ramp up his base, is all. Give the guy a chance.

In just six days since being the official President-Elect, Trump has hired an outspoken white supremacist to be his chief strategist. Steve Bannon is the man behind alt-right website Breitbart, home of such “articles” as “Gabby Giffords: The Gun Control Movement’s Human Shield,” and “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?”

So you’ll have to excuse us for hedging our bets. For many, this has involved appealing to the common sense of the nation’s electorates, asking them to take into account Trump’s track record and the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and refrain from putting Trump in the White House.

Yes, it’s a long shot. And yes, it undermines a long-standing, if perhaps faulty, institution of our democratic system.

But people are concerned, and as concerned citizens they have the right to approach their officials and representatives to ask questions and make requests, no matter how unorthodox those requests may be.

What they’ve received in response can only be described as the kind of unwarranted vitriol that sadly has become a hallmark of Trumpites all over the country. One Texas elector called the young woman who wrote to him “foolish” and threatened to pursue legal action against him over the “unsolicited email.”


But so far, no one has quite managed to top this colossal asshole:

In response to an email from Renee Reynolds, Texas electorate Marti Settle told her that had Hillary Clinton won the election, she would have committed suicide. “If you are so unhappy,” she posits in the response, “…why don’t YOU commit suicide?” She then ends the letter with the always classy “stick it where the sun don’t shine” retort.

In a diatribe she posted on Facebook, she goes on about “mentally ill” liberals who “hate” God and Jesus. She also suggests that those protesting against Trump should be shot:

Here it is, in all its horrific glory:


I have something to say to Marti:

You are not a good person, and you are not a well person. Healthy, happy, God-fearing people do not tell people to kill themselves. There are people across this country who truly do feel suicidal, whether it’s because of this election or any other reason, and for you to suggest it as a response to unhappiness shows that you do not have the compassion or the empathy that you claim your religion teaches you.

But this is not about compassion or empathy or mental well-being to you, is it? You would be happy to see women like Renee die, and if she doesn’t do it herself, well, you’re happy to provide a helping hand, or at least encourage someone else to. Because you don’t believe she belongs here, in America, in your country. Her presence defiles it. Her politics corrupts it.

Guess what, Marti? Renee, and the millions of women, people of color, Native peoples, LGBTQ people, disabled people, Jewish people, Muslim people, and our allies, people with a common sense of decency that live all over OUR beautiful country are not going to kill themselves. We will not leave. We will not be scared of you and your hate, because this is OUR COUNTRY. Our presence beautifies it and our politics elevates it and cleanses it from a bloodstained past.

We’re not going anywhere, Marti, so enjoy what you can of your Trump presidency, because no matter what happens, for the next four years we will be here, protesting, organizing, petitioning. We will protect our lands from oil-hungry corporations and our people from policies of hate. We will make a wall, a wall of people standing together to reiterate again and again that we ARE the people, that all men AND women are created equal, and that we all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Something I suggest you look into, because you seem like a miserable person.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, this is me shaming you for your speech, because your speech is shameful. That is my right as an American citizen, and my duty as a human being.

Renee Reynolds has since made her Twitter private.