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These hilarious memes capture our post-election hangovers perfectly

It's a good thing to let ourselves sink into mourn and grief. It's also okay to seek help from funny tweets and pictures.

Everybody seems to agree that 2016 has been so exhausting, and some of us even believe that 2016 has been the worst year. When the 2016 election results came through, we felt all sorts of emotions: angry, drained but determined, sad, but of course, there are some happy people (Trump’s supporters, obviously) out there.

Even my friends and me, who are non-US citizens, were also drowning in tears and seemingly endless pits of despair.

But the sun still rises, and so does our hope.

Remember this: when following news and political commentary no longer works for you, take a deep breath. Please let these Twitter memes be your consolation.

[bctt tweet=”But the sun still rises, and so does our hope.” username=”wearethetempest”]

(Also this is probably the last time we can fully enjoy memes about the Obamas!)

Dear subtle denial, I see you there.

Still hoping for a (or his!) fixation, TBH.

So help me God (???)

When you can’t figure out what happened…

Maybe you can never have things figured out forever.


At least we’ve all been able to witness the best bromance, ever.

But nothing tops this GIF of Michelle snatching Barack’s phone!

One more thing to agree on: fuck experience.

Nevertheless, still thinking how a cartoon can predict this:

And the most accurate (and worst) of it all:

Don’t worry. We will fight for what’s worth. Our voices matter. I’m so proud of y’all!