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14 fabulous comebacks to being called a #NastyWoman

Name-calling won't make us go anywhere. Besides the polls. We're definitely heading to the polls.

Last night’s U.S. presidential debate reached a whole new level of nasty. Quite literally.

While the last two presidential debates made headlines because of one candidate’s incivility (cough, Trump, cough), the third and final debate nearly broke Twitter.

After Donald Trump angrily called Hillary Clinton a “Nasty Woman,” feminists took to the Internet to reclaim the derogatory statement. Women have been called far worse for far less, after all.

1. Women immediately reclaimed their “nastiness”

Watch out, we’re heading to the polls.

2. Call us what you want, it’s not gonna change who we are

3. Seriously, we’ve been called worse

And we know to take it as a compliment. Bitches. Get. Stuff. Done.

4. We just channeled our inner Michelle Obama

When they go low, we go high (and head to the polls).

5. And Janet Jackson

6. A LOT of Janet Jackson

7. It’s Madame President, if you’re nasty

8. If there could ever be too much Janet Jackson, this would be it

Fortunately, no such thing exists.

9. Nasty women just get to work

Friendly reminder, that you’re name-calling at voters.

10. We’re not afraid to be called tough

11. If anything, we’re excited for a new generation of “Nasty Women”

Teach your daughters that they don’t have to put up with abuse and bullying.

12. Haters gonna hate

We’ll just move along.

13. While we’re at it, why not raise some money for the Nasty Women at Planned Parenthood?!

14. Calling us names might just make us stronger

Whether we’re Nasty Women, bitches, sluts, or worse, we’re not going anywhere. Besides the polls, that is. We’re definitely heading to the polls.

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