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32 #BadHombres tweets take down Donald Trump

There were a lot of gems to choose from Trump's debate performance tonight. Fortunately, Twitter chose for us.

Donald Trump has said a lot of offensive things in the last year and a half, and he was able to continue that streak tonight at the final presidential debate held at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (Go Reb!). There were a lot of gems to choose from, but the most “popular” was his description of Mexican immigrants as “bad hombres.” The Twitterverse hit back hard with their response.

1. A summary of the debate

2. Just be glad we don’t live in that world.

3. Basically.

4. Unsubscribe.

5. Fight fire with fire?

6. This is what we need to be fighting, folks.

7. The movie trivia portion of the debate

8. Another industry he can poison.

9. This is the best Trump can do with “voter outreach.”

10. At least some people are feeling inspired.

11. The good people at Merriam-Webster did not sign up for this.

12. That sounds about right.

13. Just in time, too.

14. Reality bites.

15. That would not be hard.

16. Show him up.

17. I would wear it.

18. Seriously, his team must be beyond frustrated by now.

19. #ComedyNight is right.

20. *Wink*

21. I’d watch that movie.

22. At least BoB had fun.

23. We’re just watching the debates as references for SNL skits at this point.

24. A match made in the deepest, orangest pits of Hell.

25. Rap chorus!

26. Join the club, man.

27. I remember them! Oh…wait…

28. He’s been “reaching out” to them like this for years.

29. Lauren asking the tough questions.

30. It still hurts.

31. Or a giant portrait of himself.

32. You didn’t miss anything, trust me.

Remember, your vote is the only thing standing in the way of Donald “Bad Hombres” Trump becoming president of these United States. Go vote!

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Nadia Eldemerdash

Nadia Eldemerdash

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