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I’m proud of my shopping addiction – and I don’t need a man’s money to help me

Payday for me is sheer bliss. Payday means I can go and buy whatever the hell I want and nobody can stop me. Because it's my damn money.

People always associate shopping with women. They sort of demean us into good-for-nothing beings whose only aim in life is to shop till we drop dead, quite literally…

I get that women do love shopping, and that it is a form of therapy for a significant number of females. But when I think about myself and why I love to shop, it’s for different reasons. I love shopping. It gives me a sense of independence and it makes me believe I have power over something.

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There is sheer joy in being able to pay for something with money I’ve worked hard to get. Countless hours of undivided attention are given to tasks that amount up to the sum on my paycheck.

That is why when I get the message of a bank transaction at the end of each month, I’m in the best mood I could be. I feel powerful. I feel strong. I feel independent.

You’ve no idea how great that feeling is, especially because it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s probably not the same for everyone, but payday for me is sheer bliss. Payday means I can go and buy whatever the hell I want and nobody can stop me.

Because it’s my damn money.

And knowing that I have the power over them is such an empowering feeling.

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My Facebook feed tells me I should be waiting for my “Prince” or significant other to take me shopping and he’s my ideal guy if he gets me a crazy amount of Mac cosmetics. That’s all great if that’s what you want in a partner- each to their own- but being the person that I am, I don’t want to spend someone else’s money on my guilty pleasures. I want to spend mine. I hate the stigma of needing someone else to make you happy, when you can damn well do it yourself.

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And that’s why shopping makes me so incredibly happy. I know people could call me materialistic, but if I have expensive habits, I don’t see why I should abstain myself from them. Maybe I am partially biased because I do love paper bags, and I lowkey love when stores wrap up things and give you that extra “oomph” factor in your purchases. It just shows that extra attention and detail that they’ve given their store. Out of all the stores, they’re the ones that invested time and money into going a little out of the way to make their customers feel special. And, I’m one of those customers. I’m privileged indeed.

I’m not sure if enough people appreciate the countless hours that go into marketing, promoting, and selling something. Maybe it’s because I’ve worked with graphic design and marketing plans that I now understand the depth of detail that goes into them. But, nevertheless, I certainly appreciate them all the more.

It’s just a given luxury. I’m certainly not preaching shopaholic habits. But if shopping makes you happy, then by all means go for it.


Life’s too short to let other people make you feel shitty about what gives you joy. Too many people marginalize and stereotype women into one-dimensional individuals with no other aim in their lives. They don’t understand the point of spending what they consider an absurd amount on a product they obviously have no interest in.

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Haters gonna hate. But, don’t let a person with no knowledge about highlighters tell you that Anastasia glow ain’t worth it. Or that buying a special edition of Brisingr with Christopher Paolini’s handwritten chapters isn’t worth the money.

It’s absolutely worth it if it makes you happy. And while buying these products shouldn’t be the only reason for your happiness, if they’re what makes you feel better on a day where everything else seems to be going wrong, go do this for yourself. Make yourself feel better, and get through the tough day.

Tomorrow’s going to be better- especially, if your highlight is on fleek or if you know your coffee tastes better (kudos to spending on French presses and a better roast).

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