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Here’s what we all really thought about the second presidential debate

Have you recovered from the first debate yet? What about Trump's latest scandal? The general horror of life in this election? No? Too bad, because here we go!

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz teamed up to moderate the second Presidential Debate Sunday night, and BOY HOWDY did it take another solid year off my life from the stress. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump answered a variety of questions in a town hall format, and everything from emails to tapes to moderator favoritism was dredged up.

Get ready for no one to pay attention to the rules, the moderators to pull their hair out, and Trump to go on bizarre tangents, because it’s twitter roundup time! Check out a selection of tweets from throughout the debate, and hear what the people are saying.

1. On being role models 

2. Let’s address the Friday Scandal…

3. And keep talking about it…

4. More about Hillary’s emails 

5. Healthcare 

6. Battling Islamophobia

7. Donald’s Muslim Ban

8. This is all very stressful indeed 

9. Please tell us what y’all actually want to do with taxes 

10. And how will you guys deal with Syria? 

11. On serving the people 

12. The Supreme Court debate 

13. Clean energy is mad important for the future of our earth 

14. Can you play nice? 

15. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz are so “us” 

PHEW. It’s over!

Is everyone OK? No? Neither am I.

Tune in on Wednesday October 19 for the third debate. Maybe after drinking some tea and taking a calming bath…