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You found 32 things that are absolutely #MoreElectableThanTrump

Ever wonder who (or what) would be better suited to being the President than Trump? After yet another scandal, the list is getting long...

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After yet another scandal, Trump finally (finally) seems to be losing some support in the Republican party.

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Yes, it seems that a whole slew of comments about plans to ban all Muslims from coming to the United States, Mexico “sending” rapists and drug dealers, and a long-running track record of misogyny, including calling his own daughter “voluptuous,” Trump’s recently unearthed comments about sexually assaulting women have lost him some GOP support. Apparently all the horrible things he’s said about “the blacks” or taking on a Vice President who was responsible for the law allowing Indiana business owners to refuse service to LGBTQ people wasn’t so bad, but we’ve finally reached a breaking point. I wonder whether this was a “straw that broke the camel’s back” situation, or if “grab them by the pussy” is a secret code phrase that tells conservatives “time to save face.”

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In any case, many Republicans are now short a candidate for President, and who better to help them than the people of Twitter? Many have taken to social media to find someone, anyone, anything more electable than Donald Trump. Check out some of the best tweets, and contribute to the search if you can think of anyone else who could replace Trump on the ballot.

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1. The Teletubbies

2. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

3. Pizza Rat

4. Tic-Tacs

5. Bobby Newport

6. An On-Fire Dumpster

7. THIS Asshole

8. Nixon’s Head


10. Jay and/or Silent Bob

11. The Other Bernie

12. Anyone from the Batman Rogue’s Gallery

13. Mr. Bean

14. Mr. Potato Head

15. Wormtail

16. A Rod

17. Any Dog

18. Any Squirrel

19. The King

20. Arthur

21. Mr. Burns

22. Kevin from The Office

23. The Queen of TV

24. The Magic Dress

25. Hannibal Lecter

26. Pedro

27. Or Uncle Rico

28. Cthulu

29. Oscar the Grouch

30. Any Cat

31. George Costanza

32. Perhaps a More Obvious Option…

Chelsea Ennen

Chelsea Ennen

Chelsea Ennen is a New York City-based writer and recovering academic with an MA in contemporary literature, theory, and culture from King's College London. Her nonfiction writing has been published on The Mary Sue, HelloGiggles and The Female Gaze, and her dissertation on postfeminism versus third wave feminism in contemporary pop culture was accepted for presentation at the 2016 Indiana University of Pennsylvania English Graduate Organization Inter-Disciplinary Conference. She is the fiction editor of the Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal and a novelist who would very much like to pet your dog, please.

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