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When assaults on white women get involved, the GOP finally sees Trump as a threat to society

How many more screw ups this guy has to make to be considered “unfit to be president?”

Hi Donald,

Heard you got into some trouble―again. Man, would I hate to be your campaign manager. How will you get out of this one. Oh, a fake apology? Great.

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Look everyone, I don’t know how many more screw-ups this guy has to make to be considered “unfit to be president.” Dogs’ guilty faces are even more sincere than his pathetic speech. What did his campaign do to even get him on live TV for this?

Yet, this candidate still has support from the oh-so-mighty loud, white, racist, sexist supporters who are screaming at the tops of their lungs, hand-in-hand, for their supreme leader: (pumpkin head) Donald (this gotta be a) J(oke) Trump (Really?).

Of course, alongside them are their totally Trump-ified Black and Latino pals yelling. Can’t forget them!

How is it like to think like a Trump supporter? Please tell me.

I want hear you explain what it’s like to not feel a change of heart when you hear that fellow supporters attacked a homeless Latino man, because “all these illegals need to be deported.”

Your candidate called them “very passionate.”

How were you not shaken when you saw the video of a Black woman, who wasn’t causing trouble, getting violently shoved and pushed around at a Trump rally? Or is skin color enough trouble for you?

Because, apparently, the fact that Donald Trump gleefully boasted about groping a white woman will make you cringe.

As a Black girl whose parents weren’t born in this nation, who already has to fight racism and sexism at the same time, whose features aren’t valued in this society unless it’s trendy, who knows I’ll have to face discrimination in the workplace, and who believes in equality for all (no matter what a person’s background is), I’m disgusted.

This is where we are in the United States. Just rolling backwards. Before you know it, the next presidential candidate for the Republican Party might be a proud KKK member (“30 years strong!” they’ll say!).

Speaking of the Republican Party, you guys thought I forgot about you? Haha, no!

You’re a huge part of the reason why he’s here. I don’t think I really care if any of you pull your support from him.

I mean, you were silent the day he announced his bid.

You were silent on attacks made by Trump supporters.

You were silent when he kept getting closer to winning the official title of being the Republican Presidential Nominee and when he received it.

Silence equals support. Period.

You guys were a mess before and this “unity” you’re trying to hold isn’t funny anymore. Stop the act and show me something new.

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May I point out that the issues with him I brought up aren’t even near half of what he’s done. Oh, and another thing added onto the list recently: Donald is going to court very soon for child rape.

That’s your candidate alright.