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5 reasons why “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” should be renamed Crap Crap Hota Hai

There are way too many reasons to hate on Bollywood classics - but here're five.

I was a little nervous about all the Desi people running after me for hating on the major Bollywood movies.

But here we are again.

This time, it’s about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, a ridiculous movie that tells almost every girl best friend that they will always be the last choice for their guy friend.

For those that are new to Bollywood, here’s a little breakdown: It’s a movie about two friends, Rahul and Anjali, and their friendship is ruined because Rahul ignores Anjali’s love and falls for the new girl, Tina. Years later, Rahul and Anjali meet again, and this time Rahul falls for her.

By the way, Tina died. That’s what makes this happen.

Oops. #spoiler


Apart from loving the story of how a widower’s daughter takes her mother’s advice and acts like a cupid in Rahul and Anjali’s love story, it’s stupid. Here’s why:

1. “But he’s your best friend yaar!”


This movie shows an excellent example of how friend zones ruin people’s lives. Anjali, who whole-heartedly loves Rahul, is friend zoned to the max.

She can never get out because she’s the one who he’ll cry to about his girl problems but he’ll never understand that she’s a girl too. She loves him, hates him, but she has no other option because he’s her best friend yaar.

2. Rahul/Bollywood men only like girly girls.


Almost all the movies I’ve watched showcase the same thing: men don’t like tomboys. If you have short hair, love sports and hang out with boys – you won’t have a chance at love.

If you’re a hot girly-girl who wears short skirts and makeup, you’ll score the hottest guy, no problem.

In another movie, Main Hoon Nah, the same thing happens: Lucky never loves his best friend until…..

3. You have to change your whole look and personality to be loved.

I’m being harsh, the tomboys are loved – but only after they change their whole look. In Main Hoon Nah, she gets a makeover to lure him – A MAKEOVER.

Similarly, in this movie, Anjali gets a makeover, because she understands the fact that she’s gon’ be alone if she stays a tomboy.

But Rahul makes fun of her. He makes fun of his best friend for trying to be pretty.


Why didn’t anyone remind him that she’s his best friend yaar? 

But a few years later, she exchanges her basketball shorts for a sari.


She even opts to play basketball in her sari by the way.

4. It’s totally okay to dance with an old love while you’re engaged.


Ah. The most famous scene of dancing without any music.

But Anjali, did you forget that he chose someone else over you, even when you tried to get his love?

Or, actually, did you forget that you’re actually engaged?


5. Douchebags are always placed on a pedestal in India.


So here we are again, with the men always screwing around with women’s lives.

Rahul doesn’t seem to be okay with the rejection of Anjali – so he goes to meet her on her wedding day to tell her, yo, let’s get married.

To be honest, all this movie was missing was the train scene, cue the music:


Just kidding. The last scene is from DDLJ, the other movie that I kind of hate.