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7 ways ‘The Vampire Diaries’ rips our hearts apart in the worst way

More often than not, the love triangles are erased to form love octagons that made us feel like we were watching reality TV.

The Vampire Diaries or TVD as its popularly known began airing around 2009. Since its beginning, TVD garnered a lot of attention and a focus light on it for various reasons. Some thought it (pilot episode) resembled the movie Twilight in many ways.

For those of you who are blissfully unaware of the series, TVD is primarily about vampires. Or it was said to be. The 3 central characters of the show are Elena, Damon and Stephan. The story takes place in a quaint town named Mystic Falls. However like any other serial drama, the town isn’t without its secrets. It is filled with vampires, werewolves and witches, all of whom live without normal human beings knowledge except for the few selected people.

Before we go ahead, full disclosure; I love vampire lore, myths and classics.  So you can imagine how excited I was when this show first aired. Till this day, I stand by the fact that TVD does have many scenes and plot lines that are fandom worthy. However, the storylines and characters of recent past episodes have led me to question my love for the show.

1. Why need love triangles when you can have octagons.

the vampire diaries

When TVD initially started, it had a suspense/thriller vibe. Add vampire to the mix and it was destined for greater plot lines than average relationships of beautiful teens. More often than not, the love triangles are erased to form love octagons that made us feel like we were watching reality TV.

Elena loves Stephan (initially), who has a brother Damon, who dated Caroline (or appropriate word would be abused) and secretly was in love with Elena. Caroline later broke up with Damon to be with Matt, who was the ex-boyfriend of Elena. Caroline later falls for Stephan and Elena goes with Damon. It’s as if Mystic Falls only eligible bachelors are Elena and her group. Maybe that’s why they feel the need to date each other instead of someone outside their ‘gang’.

2. Bromance or the love (in this case, hate, even) between the brothers.

brothers from the vampire diaries

Remember how we said that Damon and Stephan are brothers? Well they are constantly fighting over Elena and also agreeing for Elena. There are a few ‘aww’ worthy moments. The bromance however doesn’t sustain for long and more than often we are left with words and emotions the just doesn’t click. Oh, and Elena being in a relationship with both of them doesn’t help, either.

3. “I promise I won’t tell a soul, well kind of-“

the vampire diaries

Promises from the characters to each other are constantly broken for ‘twists.’ Elena promises a very uncertain Stephan, about their relationship. She keeps telling him that she would never leave him for Damon, even when Stephan tells her that Damon is persuasive.

They have dances dedicated for each decade! How is that even….. never mind.

Fast forward to season 3 and Damon and Elena start to show feelings towards each other. So trust is right out the window, yes?

4. Shifting couple dynamics and disappearing plotlines.

There are a few new characters in the show that need be explained but the show creators happily gloss over them. Like Matt’s mother (pretty much Matt’s whole family). The never ending number of dopplegangers of Stephan and Elena and their supposed ‘destiny.’

The constantly changing relationships make it really difficult to be an ardent shipper. There was Stelena, Delena, Klaroline, Steroline, Bamon, Benzo, Forwood, to name a few. Oh and also, like four of these names have the same character with someone else. It isn’t like fans are making up these names based on innocuous interactions. The show runners include these characters in an all-out explicit signal that they may become a couple in the future.

I mean, it’s nice to cater to some fan ideas, but pairing one character with the rest of the cast is just ridiculous.

5. The hero kills but gets applause, the villain does the same and it’s silence.

damon from the vampire diaries

The ‘heroes’ of this show are Stephan and Damon (although more and more are added and removed from this list, on a day to day basis). Both the said heroes have killed ample amount of people on the show. Damon had even killed Matt’s sister and Jeremy’s then love; Vicky Donovan. Stephan had caved in to his ‘ripper’ instincts more than once and had admitted to increasing the body count.

However when Klaus confesses his love for Caroline (sort of), she immediately tells him that she can’t ever have feelings for him because (and I quote) ‘he had killed people.’ How is it that Elena and the rest of her gang forgives Damon and Stephan easily, for their horrific crimes but cannot forgive Klaus for the same. Granted, Klaus did kill characters that were close to Elena, but are we downplaying the murders committed by Stephan and Damon, because they aren’t related to Elena?

6. Rooting for the villains over the heroes

the vampire diaries

It isn’t a good sign when you are rooting for the villains of the show to triumph over the heroes. With all of the above drama, it feels easier to root for Klaus and team than for Team Mopey.

7. Graduating high school is as easy as dancing

the vampire diaries

I can’t say that this is the only show with a high school setting and characters acting way too mature for their age. Still, the fact that these students are graduating by barely attending classes is a huge mystery. Although despite all the murders and terrible villains, the gang does manage to attend all of the school dances which are endless.

They have dances dedicated for each decade! How is that even….. never mind.