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The great 2016 presidential debate twitter roundup

Is this a moment of silence to mourn for our decaying democracy?

On Monday night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head for the first Presidential Debate of the 2016 election. Lester Holt moderated, and while the audience was told to remain quiet (a rule they did not always follow…) Twitter was ablaze with commentary. Check out the following selection of tweets from the big night to see what everyone thought about the issues, the candidates, and the election!

1. Desperation and fear

2. How do we create more jobs?

3. Clean energy


5. Where are Trump’s tax returns?

6. Race

7. No, seriously, we need to talk about racism

8. Are we still seriously still talking about Obama’s birth certificate?

9. Cyber security

10. Terrorism

11. The not-so-silent audience

12. Nuclear weapons

13. Is Lester Holt OK?

14. Who won?

15. How is the audience doing?

See you again in October!