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SIPPIN’ ON TEA: The Smooth + Sultry Mix

For those of us who enjoy a night on the porch, late night drives, and kickin' our feet up after a long day

I am from Texas so when I think of some of my most exciting nights, it’s often in an outdoor space like a front lawn, porch swing, or back of a truck bed relaxing with those I love most. Whether it’s a beer in hand or a refreshingly cold glass of iced tea I love music that stirs my spirit and makes me feel alive. I think artist that have the ability to transcend those moments of life, love and well the cliched pursuit of happiness really awake something in your soul.

It may sound cheesy but some of the best moment I have had have been on quiet nights by myself or with a friend letting the music narrate my night. Here’s to music that makes you cry and feel something other than a head bob or an ass shake, give me something raw, something that will remind you that life’s a shitty mess, but we get through it.

1. Riot || BiBi Bourelly

The drum of the guitar and harmonic voice of Miss Bourelly will keep your feet thumpin’ as you feel the grit of her lyrics. It makes me feel empowered to live my life unapologetically. I’m not going anywhere without a fight, and you will remember me if I do.

2. 24/7 || Kehlani

Nothing can be worse than admitting you’re not okay, but Kehlani does it without fear and brings a vulnerability to admitting your weaknesses. This particular song creates conversation on emotional health in a way that makes it’s audience feel void of judgement.

3. Thought It Would Be Easier || Kandace Springs

“Reality has hit home hard,” and Kandace Springs brings the ping pong that can be relationships to light in a powerful way. I can relate to thinking a break-up will be easier than it ends up turning out to be and she encompasses that feeling perfect in this song.

4. Been That Way || Bryson Tiller

Oh Mr. Tiller, how you keep us all one edge with your honest lyrics that makes us feel understood even when we’re at fault. ‘Been That Way’ reminds me that trials and tribulations are apart of relationships and it’s alright to admit that despite the picture perfect fairy tale that’s is painted for us.

5. Hallelujah || Alicia Keys

Mrs. Keys is back with a prayer that feels like it’s more to her own self than to a specific entity. She brings the act of letting go, feeling pain, and admitting you don’t have to be strong all the time to life in this poetic song.

6. All Night || Beyonce

The redemption that comes after pain, struggle, and heartbreak in a relationship is sung beautifully by Queen Bey in this song. The ballad resonated me the most because takes the idea of love and creates this universal moment that we all want it, but we all can’t have it. It’s admired from afar and truly felt by few.

7. Dear No One || Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly’s artistry knows no bounds and the hum of this guitar matched with her matter of fact lyrics give her a nuisance most artist her age don’t have. Being independent can be hard especially when it’s just not your time to be in a relationship. This tells me that’s it may not be right now, but here’s hoping it’s right when it is.

8. Remedy || Adele

The piano intro on this is amazing before Adele kicks in with her raw vocal. I like that her message feels very universal whether it’s family, friend, or lover the act of being there for someone knows no limits. I want to help, heal, love, and care for you, whomever you may be in my life.

9. Too Good || Drake (feat. Rihanna)

Drake brings the up-tempo beats of Hip Hop with the lyrics of an R&B singer in this ultra fav from his new album. I enjoy that he and Rihanna can express the love and frustration that comes with knowing you can do better than the person your dating. The infectious beat with her voice and his raps give us another hit that I anticipate will be a future single for the duo.

10. Close to You || Rihanna

I’ve yet to see any footage of her performs this why and I think it’s because it’s just that personal. Her open letter to her distant lover whom she still wishes well is a sentiment many of us know all too well. Sending someone love and light despite history, distance or time is an emotion this song captures in a very truthful way.


Because we love you, we compiled all your new favorite songs in one playlist. Enjoy!

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