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Fall into Style: An Interview with Instagram Fashionista YoursTrulyShadae

With fall on its way, Instagramer Shadae gives us tips on how to prepare next season's slayage.

To help us all out, we spoke to Instagram fashionista YoursTrulyShadae to see how she prepares for fall and what tips she has for all the transitioning divas out there.

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The Tempest: Before we begin, tell us about yourself.

Shadae: My name is Shadae and I am the face of YoursTrulyShadae. I am Muslim by faith and mixed raced by nationality. My family consists of Puerto Ricans, Trinidadians, and Americans. I just turned 23 years old on the 26th of May, and I am a recent History graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

You post your outfits almost daily on Instagram, what inspired you to use Instagram in this way? 

The day I made my Instagram account, I had no idea what my intention of using it would be for. I initially just posted pictures of myself and the food I ate. But with constant new trends in the world of social media and blogging becoming such a new thing, I felt as though I could use my Instagram as a platform for something much more.

[bctt tweet=”My style is faith driven. I cover my hair, observing what is Islamically known as Hijab.” username=”wearethetempest”]

So I [began to] post outfit pictures daily, [now I do it] because I am portraying a style that is influenced by much more than what the fashion industry may be putting out there. Of course I like to keep up with the latest trends; however, my style is faith driven. I cover my hair, observing what is Islamically known as Hijab, so my fashion sense almost always coincides with that. In addition, I also post much of my food and travel experiences.

So, fall is quickly approaching – and as a fashionista, I know you are probably getting your closet ready for the new season. What is that process like for you? Where do you shop for your fall pieces? 

Fall is quickly approaching, and although I find myself so far from being a fashionista, I think the process I use in shopping for any new season [beings with] clearing out my older clothing. Every season, I clear out some of my clothes to make room for new things. I don’t believe in hoarding clothes that bear no purpose anymore, so I almost always refresh at the start of a new season.

[bctt tweet=”The process I use in shopping for any new season is clearing out my older clothing.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Fall happens to be my favorite of all seasons because it makes pairing my headscarf with my clothes so much easier. When it comes to shopping for clothes, I’m not one who aims at getting top of the line brands. I do own a few luxury pieces here and there, but I always go for what looks good, no matter the brand. So stores like Zara, H&M, Forever21, and J. Crew are just a few of the brands that have a home in my closet.

What are some essentials you think everyone should have in their closets for fall? 

I think some must-haves for fall are a leather jacket, which is a cute outerwear piece to pair with the next fall essentials: booties along with dark denim skinnies (skinny jeans). Another thing I love for fall are scarves! Because even if you don’t want to wear a jacket, you can always throw on a scarf with a long sleeve tee or dress for some extra warmth -whether it be a lightweight material or heavy one,.

What is your favorite thing to wear during the fall season? 

My favorite thing to wear during the fall season are booties – even though I enjoy having my toes out above everything during the summer. So, to compromise with myself, I have become completely obsessed with peep toe booties. I think they look so chic when paired with skinny jeans and a cute top. And I also love how they’re versatile enough to be worn well into spring and even a bit into summer.

What trend are you most looking forward to including in your wardrobe? 

I am definitely excited for the fall makeup trends that almost always include smokey eyes and dark lips. I’m eager to wear lipstick colors like Diva and Heroine by Mac – as well as dark nail polish colors like Wicked and Licorice by Essie.

How can people follow you to learn more about your style and receive daily inspiration?

My Instagram account is made public so everyone can follow me @yourstrulyshadae. As of now that’s the only outlet I’m using. I haven’t ventured to Twitter or Facebook for the blog just yet. I’m waiting to get a little more exposure first.

I just want people to view my Instagram and (soon-to-be) blog as a place where they can feel free to venture into all the things I’m doing. If I’m experiencing something fun, or wearing something amazing, I want my followers to do it to. I by no means want to come off as showing off or bragging. I am just doing what I love and want everyone to be a part of that journey with me.

This interview was lightly edited for length and clarity.