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21 things you’ll only really understand if you’re the oldest child

Because you're the oldest and you should know better.

Being the eldest is the best. It is also often the worst.

What’s haunting though, is that you did not choose the eldest sibling life, the eldest sibling life chose you. And now you have to deal with it for the rest of your life.

1. You know your parents love you the most.

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That;s right

2. It’s fun to brag to your younger sibling that you’ve spent more time with your parents than they have, and all the cool places you visited before they were born!

Take that!

3. Bossing siblings around never gets old.


4. That moment when you are the eldest and you are offered tea at the family gathering and your siblings envy you.

Ross knows

5. When you have a fight with your youngest sibling and your mom and dad ask you to calm down even though you’re right and the little one is wrong.

Sorry Dad

6. You are expected to be smart, good looking, and help around the house at the same time.

remember parents siblings
Either you help or die (no jk)

7. You miss your siblings the most when you move out for college or are just away from them in general.

excited cheering siblings seats
You know you love them

8. When your younger siblings get sick you freak out

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You okay bro?

9. But also make fun of them for looking funny

siblings younger

10. When your younger siblings come to you for advice on life problems you become Master Shifu, but as soon as they close the door and leave you are back to being Po.

I’m a pro at life

11. When you get your first salary and it becomes your duty to take them out for food.

And your dad is super happy because he doesn’t have to pay the full bill

12. When your parents expect you to be the ideal example for your younger siblings but you feel like a failure.

You can do it

13. But they all love you and look up to you anyway.


14. When you open the fridge and find that the last pizza slice you were saving for midnight is gone, because you have a little brother.

No. Mercy.

15. When you match with your younger sibling, no matter how embarrassed they are.

ikon jinhwan junhoe mix match dvd

16. When people get confused whether you are the oldest or not, because puberty was not kind to you.

There there

17. When your younger siblings secretly try to copy your lifestyle and steal some of your cool shades or hats.

It’s mine. NO IT”S MINE

18. The youngest always try to outsmart you but fails every time no matter what the age gap is between the two of you.

fight sibling
Try me little kid

19. When you are jealous of the youngest for getting all the love and attention.

feels sibling
Where did I go wrong???

20. When you realise the number of birthday presents is indirectly proportional to your age.

ship totally not a harry potter reference there.
Why though

21. You know you are the eldest when you know all these bittersweet facts and still live with gratitude, because being a role model to your siblings means the world to you.

act on climate
Us Eldests are brave