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90’s girls rejoice, Lisa Frank is back!

And this time, it's not binders and folders - but sweatshirts and t-shirts!

If you haven’t heard, the 90’s are making a comeback. We’ve got new episodes of Full House and a brand new season of Gilmore Girls coming. The Backstreet Boys are reuniting for a tour. Brown lipsticks, chokers, and denim-on-denim outfits are trendy again.

Up until recently, the only thing that seemed to be missing from the return of the 90’s was Lisa Frank. And the good news is… she’s BACK! But the epic news doesn’t stop there – she’s back with a clothing line!

Although associated with the 90’s, Frank launched the brand in 1979, at a young age of 24, with a set of colorful stickers. The company got its first major kick-start with a million dollar order from Spencer Gifts. Originally, Lisa Frank only produced stickers that were colored with airbrush painting. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that the company started to become more prominent by switching from airbrush painting to computer animations and producing school supplies with the classic Lisa Frank designs. The stationary was the turning point in the company’s success.

In the 90’s, back to school shopping was always the best time for me during elementary and middle school, and no school year was complete without Lisa Frank folders, binders, erasers, pencil cases, and more. I don’t know what it was about the neon colored leopards, kittens, puppies, and horses that really just made my 10-year-old self feel like I was ready to conquer the world. I remember the excitement of showing off new Lisa Frank school supplies on the first day of school and spending lunches trying to trade my puppy eraser for a flamingo one.

Gotta collect ’em all!

However, my biggest prized possession was my zip up Lisa Frank folder with a brightly colored leopard cub on the front. That binder was my life – equivalent to what my laptop is to me now.

Today, the iconic brand is teaming up with Rage On! to create some pieces for men and women – all ranging from t-shirts to dresses – pretty much so we can relive our childhood memories. The items are priced reasonably, and you can pick up items anywhere from $25 to $60. The line includes a variety of clothing items, so everyone can find something that they can comfortably rock. There are leggings, crop tops, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses. You can purchase all of these items from the Rage On! website (and you can get 10% off if you sign up for emails!).


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For most, the line may seem a bit outrageous, but for true 90’s girls who loved their Lisa Frank school supplies, this is a dream come true. I am so ready to rock that teddy bear sweatshirt, and the haters can’t stop me.Vintage-Bears-Sweatshirt


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