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15 amazing Apple sticker packs you absolutely need in your arsenal

Get ready to have the best conversations ever as soon as you Upgrade your iPhone to the new iOS 10

Stickers are an essential component of casual conversations these days. It is even possible to have conversations without words today, thanks to this awesome invention. So without much further ado, let’s take a look at what the new Apple upgrade has in store for us.

You can get these stickers at a price of $1.99 or $0.99 at the lowest, however, once you scroll through this entire post, I am confident you will fight the urge to just go ahead and buy these amazing sticker packs – once you upgrade your iPhone, of course.

1. Let’s start with the TrumpMoji


Okay, we all have to agree that a classic Trump expression can be used to shun any person in an argument and go for the win. It can also be used when you are ranting to your best friend about that racist cashier you just came across.

2. There’s a HillaryMoji too. Just so you know.

That thumbs up though.
That Thumbs Up though

Couldn’t help laughing at these. The one with the shades is just too much!

3. For the NFL fans out there

Look at the quality
That quality though

How more accurate can all your football conversations get with these super good-looking emojis?!

4. Penguins. Enough said. 


Penguins have the power to make our lives better. Penguin emojis are our sustenance. Penguin emojis are life. You can’t not download this.

5.  Star Wars!


These are so cute and accurate for almost any context. A must download!

6.  Cookie Monster! <3

Me Want Cookie!

We can all relate to these cookie monster expressions. Each and every one of them. The variety in this sticker pack is what got me going for them. Don’t miss out of this!

7. BieberMojis. Of course. 

For your resting bitch face

The best way to say sorry to someone, or ask “what do you mean?” or tell someone to go love themselves.

8. EllenMojis! Blessed!


Brighten and lighten the conversation with these fresh new Ellen emojis that are just as funny as her.



The Kimojis are a must have. Life would be incomplete without this sticker pack.

10. Selfie stickers? Why not!

But first, let me download this selfie stciker pack

When you send someone a cool selfie, followed by a selfie sticker, and become 1000000x cooler. Yes. That’s a thing now.

11. Super Mario stickers are AMAZING

screenshot-252Let’s turn everyone into Mario

That hat and mustache would look great on anyone!

12. The iconic Disney stickersscreenshot-251Minnie!

Who could go on in life without this disney sticker pack? Put that goofy hat on and brighten someone’s day!

13. Kelso The Pomeranian Dog!

Who doesn't love dogs
Who doesn’t love dogs

If you’re a cute person like me (which I’m sure you are) you need these to express your thoughts in the most natural way possible.

14. Puppy Pug <3


Animal stickers are the best to be honest.

15. WWF Stickers

That panda though
That panda though

Lastly, this sticker pack needs to be bought because the proceeds go to the WWF. Since we love animal stickers so much, why not get one that goes towards helping save animals for real? Support the cause!

Ranging from election stickers to conservation stickers, we hope you enjoy this various bunch and appreciate the iOS 10 upgrade in all its glory!