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Hey white Christians, you do know Jesus was a person of color, right?

I guess Jesus was the only white dude in Palestine?

From Renaissance art:


To Family Guy:


To Will Ferrel in the nineties movie Superstar, even, along with so many other movies:


Our Western culture loves to depict Jesus Christ as a white guy.

Yes, one has to consider Christianity’s expansion in Europe, and Christianity being a huge component of white culture. However, when you look at the facts of where Jesus was from and how He looked, He was not the pale faced, semi-hippie looking man we have seen in our entertainment, art, and our children’s Bible storybooks.

Unless you got the rare kids Bible that actually depicted every biblical character as dark-skinned. Bravo to you and your family, then.

To be fair, there is little description of Jesus’ physical appearance in the Bible, except for in Isaiah 53:2, where He is described as someone who isn’t much to look at (…fascinating), and in Revelation 1:14 where His hair is described as white as wool and His eyes blazing like fire (…apocalyptic much?).

However, when you take history into account, white Western artists first started depicting Jesus as white because of their interpretation of light equating good and dark equating bad. That binary still continued on in our literature and films from then on to today, if you haven’t noticed.

Moreover, Jesus was born in Palestine, where Bethlehem is located. I guess Jesus was the only white dude in Palestine? Obviously, no. Jesus was a Palestinian Jew, and because of the desert climate He lived in, He was of dark skin as well.

Modern forensic techniques how found a way to depict what Jesus may have looked like by using the skull of a 1st century Jewish man. This is the image they came up with:


Very different from the popular images of Jesus we’ve seen.

One can argue that because Jesus was a religious figure, Jesus can look however people want Him to look. Okay, fine. I don’t agree with you, but, fine. I just find it problematic as a Christian woman of color that people often think He looks like the majority when He was very much a minority.