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22 things that definitely happen when you can’t stand annoying people

There IS such thing as a dumb question.

I’ve always admired people who stand in the face of ignorance with grace and patience. Unfortunately, I do not have those life skills. While no one is perfect, there are definitely times when it seems like you and the person you are communicating with are coming from two different worlds. Whether it’s a coworker, an old friend, or a new acquaintance, it is common to be short with people who don’t seem to know exactly what you know.

I’ve found myself frequently getting unnecessarily angry when dealing with what I perceive as others’ shortcomings- making it through college without learning how to spellcheck, not knowing basic geography, or continuously confusing me with the other brown girl in the office are just some of the inadequacies I’ve faced in my short professional life. This list is for impatient people like me who have an extremely low tolerance for stupidity.

1. You always to try to give people the benefit of the doubt before you judge.

2. Because let’s face it, not everyone knows what’s going on all the time.

3. And we don’t all have the same skills or experience levels.

4. But sometimes you come across someone who seems to lack common sense, and you struggle to hide your astonishment.

5. Encountering incompetence can make you go on an endless rant.

Attribution: Tumblr

6. What you may think is constructive feedback actually comes off as harsh criticism.

7. So you force yourself to make positive affirmations, which just end up being awkward.

8. And when you have that one coworker who always does something wrong, and it makes you distrust their ability to do ANYTHING.

9. After a while, even minor mistakes will start to agitate you.

10. You’ll struggle to hold in your frustrations so you don’t seem like a total jerk.

11. And after the final straw, you start planning how you’ll call out an incompetent person.

12. …when you suddenly realize that you are the one who actually messed up this time.

13. And then you feel bad and have to start being nice to them to make up for your attitude.

14. Until you turn around and have to deal with another dumb question.

15. Because, yes, there IS such thing as a stupid question sometimes.


16. Like, “What’s the difference between Pakistan and Palestine?”

17. Or anything that can be easily Googled.

18. Or those things should be common knowledge for most adults.

19. Your responses to dumb questions can be unreasonably aggressive.

Attribution: Tumblr

20. …and your friends have to keep you in check when you go a little overboard.

21. So you are left questioning how these people made it this far in life.

22. And also wondering if this is how other people feel about you.