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50 times #BlackoutEid brought the house down on Twitter – again

We're in constant awe of the slayage happening here.

It’s officially a tradition, and we’re here for it. Every Eid, Black Muslims show the world just how incredible they really are – and we’re just blessed to be able to witness it.

In a statement to The Tempest during last Eid, the creator of the tag, @krennylavitz, wanted to create a space specifically for Black Muslims online. Using twitter as her platform, she hoped to leverage the playing field a bit, as Black Muslim beauty isn’t typically showcased due to anti-blackness. Why wait around to be represented, right?

Now that it’s Eid Al-Adha, the hashtag is back and better than ever! Take a look through some of our favorite #BlackOutEid tweets.

1. Friendship goals.

2. Family swag!

3. Rockin’ the snapchat filter.

4. Not letting a rainy day bring us down.

5. Ivory Coast representing!

6. Spreading the blessings.

7. Hair and henna on point.

8. Slaying us all with amazing moves.

9. Thobe game strong.

10. Adorableness!

11. Hey there, lovely.

12. Nothing better than family bonding time.

13. Gifting us with flawless photographs.

14. All generations killing it with the Eid formalwear.

15. Showing off awesome siblings.

16. Style + makeup = perfection

17. Trying to keep your Eid self-portraits *mature*

18. Finding awesome Eid things in the snaps.

19. Cuties all around!

20. Slaying both ways.

21. Being anything but basic.

22. The makeup envy is real.

23. Men’s Eid fashion is #winning.

24. Spending Eid with your best girls.

25. Girl with a fabulous selfie.

26. Making us jealous of all this cuteness.

27. We’re loving the silly family selfies.

28. Shoutout to all you college kids spending Eid away from home!

29. We LOVE what we see!

30. Getting artistic with the family photos.

31. The sweetness of a mother-son pic.

32. Elegant indeed!

33. Nope, don’t mind at all.

34. Eid blessings all around!

35. Always a bookworm, even on holidays.

36. Just darling.

37. Selfies on point.

38. Seeing the joy in your family.

39. Classy in all-black and leather.

40. #squad


41. Totally our favorite, too.

42. Rocking the shades in every sense of the word.

43. Dying over here.

44. He’d better.

45. Ameen!

46. And to you, too.

47. Everything here works perfectly.

48. We totally beg to differ.

49. That lace detail, though!

50. Everything about this.