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‘Sherlock’ withdrawal is too real, but here’s why I suffer through it

The struggle of waiting for two years to watch Sherlock and Watson fight crime for three episodes.

If you are a fan, or even know a fan, of the beloved British crime drama Sherlock, then you know that these viewers have to be patient…or incredibly irritable in between seasons. In fact, irritable might be a bit of an understatement. Allow me to explain.

Sherlock has become a bit of a drug to those who avidly watch it. Thus, fans are always looking for their next fix of the debonair detective and his witty sidekick Watson. Unfortunately, that can be a tad difficult with only three episodes per season and seasons only occurring every two years. In case those of you in the back didn’t hear me, I’ll repeat that.

We only get three episodes. Every. Two. Years.

Don’t even get me started on how we waited our two years for season four, only for it to get delayed until 2017. Do you understand the torture of having to wait an extra 365 days for something you have already yearned for for so long?

For those of you who have ever loved a show with all your heart, please try to imagine how painstaking this is for fans of Sherlock. Even if you double that imagined pain, you won’t even know the half of it. Some might say that, on the bright side, at least the episodes are longer than most shows, often running close to 90 minutes. However, I’m sure that most diehard fans would opt for 24 half-hour episodes instead if it meant some Sherlock sass to look forward to every week for six months.

Sherlock and Watson are a team like no other; that’s always been a fact even before the television series came to life. However, Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Watson) are such an incredible on-screen pair that they always leave viewers wanting more. From humorous quips to ridiculous arguments, the pair gets in plenty of their own trouble outside of the crimes they are solving. Still, always ending in triumph and smiles, each episode of Sherlock showcases not only a crime being solved, but also a tale of true friendship. Yet another large reason why it is so difficult to wait for more in between seasons.


Now, since there is so little to grasp onto during these short seasons, fans need to find ways to thrive.

Thus, with every little bit we do get, message boards, tumblr pages, and gif-making flourishes immediately. Audience members write about Sherlock and make plenty of fan-art of all kinds in order to keep each other satiated during the dreaded off-season. Still, it doesn’t make the waiting any more enjoyable. Sherlock fans have had to learn the hard way that patience really is a virtue, and probably not one that many possess when it comes to such an addictive series. However, they have at least learned that there is nothing they can do but wait until Cumberbatch and Freeman finally pop up on their screens again.


So, in the words of the great detective himself, “the (waiting) game is on!”