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Four easy ways to help you learn how to code in Python

Teaching yourself how to code in Python doesn't necessarily have to be painful.

Python is a very straightforward language, given that it uses smaller lengths of code to create a program any other language would use longer codes to make. When I tried to teach myself Python for a school assignment, the struggle was real.

I tried so hard, but while my failure was only a result of my own slacking, along the way of this painful journey I have come across some of these useful resources online that are completely FREE! It takes time, and it takes practice, but most of all it takes perseverance! So enjoy learning while filling your bucket of knowledge with a wonderful skill.

1 .   Learn Python The Hard Way

The website actually shows you what the code you enter might look like as you run it tthrough the Python terminal
The website actually shows you what the code you enter might look like as you run it through the Python terminal

Zedd A. Shaw has his own way of teaching Python. The hard way, is aparently the best way and we might as well just accept it *sigh*. However, navigating through his website. Not only that, if you are ever so willing, you can purchase a professional pdf version of the book along with numerous HD video tutorials.

2.  Videos from ‘One Stop Programming’

Screenshot (234)
The Setup Tutorial

OneStopProgramming has been my go to python youtube tutorial since day 1. The tutorials are made with striking detail regarding every python function ever, and the visual aid is great needless to say. It really helps to actually see how the code comes out from the text editor through the terminal.

3. BASIC to Python Web

Basic to Python in simple text explanations
Basic to Python in simple text explanations

This website may look as barren as a the Sahara Desert, but once you read through it you will realize it’s exactly what you needed. My main assignment for coding was to convert this huge chunk of code from Basic to Python, so you can tell this was the ultimate discovery for me. But the reason this might be handy for anyone at all is because it summarizes the key differences in Python compared to other coding languages such as Basic.

4.  Google for Education

Google and its basicness
Google and its basicness

Google has this plethora of information for Python beginners to indulge at, but before one does that, let me remind everyone that this program can be a little mundane, but mostly informative. Great examples, easy to follow language and it even has some exercises you could do to see where you stand in the learning process.

With these awesome tools in hand, who could possibly come up with a good enough excuse to not learn coding?

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