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You don’t need to shame Melania, even if you’re anti-Trump

She might not be the "perfect" First Lady, but I'm done with the media's slut-shaming.

Melania Trump is your “perfect” trophy wife: beautiful, not-that-smart, and obedient. The fact that she’s Eastern European and not incredibly well-spoken in English, adds to the sum that she’s your silent, behind-the-curtain, sidekick to her macho husband.

But the truth is, keeping a low profile at the side of her husband did not last very long for Melania. After the whole plagiarized-speech-fiasco, she brought the spotlight beaming down on her and left people wondering, who is Melania Trump, anyways?

Well, at least for me, it’s still not clear.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, cause this article might not go where you think it’s going. I’m not about to trash Melania Trump like Daily Mail did. Yes, she does leave some questions unanswered, but the fact that the media is more than willing to trash her dubious “Eastern European-like” past says more about how mainstream media views sexuality and the foreign, than about Trump herself.

The latest in Melania News is that the Slovenian beauty has a “sketchy,” highly sexualized past. From nude girl-on-girl photoshoots in French magazines, to multiple lovers, Melania Trump seems to validate the stereotype of the Eastern European women: “troubled” sexual past, yet ideal for marriage (at least, in the eyes of American men).

Yes, I do think that her lying about her immigration status and education is shady, but I’m gonna have to stand with her on the media’s shaming. Not only because I think that slut-shaming is not okay, but also because I think that there’s an unwarranted mystery around her being Eastern European and having this type of past.

If you want to trash Melania for plagiarizing a speech, I get it. But if you’re about to trash a woman for being a model and owning her sexuality, then something is clearly wrong.

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her having taken nude photos with another woman. I also don’t think there was anything wrong with her being an escort. It was a decision she made, and that’s a decision that – regardless of your personal opinion – we need to respect. 

The more pressing issue here is what this adamant slut-shaming says about how the world views female sexuality and nudity. Why is it “normal” for a woman to be nude when she’s a stranger, yet it’s such a big deal when it’s someone who’s supposed to be the ideal, well-behaved, wife? This double standard maddens me. I mean, after all, it’s her body, and she can do whatever she wants with it.

The problem here isn’t her choices, but how the world is viewing them. No, Melania isn’t the “perfect” First Lady that America and the world are potentially expecting, but that doesn’t mean she should be judged for her sexual past and personal decisions. Although media critics would’ve criticized her regardless of whether or not she’d been born in America, the way they frame her decisions is as a “hidden past,” shows that the media is still perpetuating the image of Eastern European women as “sexually sketchy.”

Women should be allowed to express their sexuality in whichever way they please – without judgment. If anything, knowing that she is getting bullshit for this reason makes me remember that she is a woman getting trashed for her sexuality (and whether I like her or not), that simply shouldn’t be happening.