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10 delicious treats you can definitely make at home

You might never say "There's NOTHING to eat" again...or until after you've used these ideas

You and your sibling have probably been in this situation before. You’re stuck at home with nothing to eat (or as my mom would point out, nothing to eat that interests you). Neither of you can’t legally drive yet, or your car is low on gas, laziness, or you can’t order in because your wallets has spider webs. So now what? My sister and I found out that you don’t really know how much you can make until you’re desperate.

1. Banana Ice Cream

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It’s a one treat recipe really. All you do is cut a banana into pieces, freeze them two hours (or overnight if you’re coming back the next day), and blend it when it’s time! If you want to make it creamier, I found out that adding some milk helps.

2. Rainbow Ice Cubes

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It’s not something you actually can eat like ice cream, but it’s fun to have with the leftover Sprite your family has.

3. Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie

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No oven necessary– in other words your parents don’t have to worry to have their kitchen burned down). All you need are just ounces of semisweet chocolate, Rice Krispies, and mint chocolate-chip ice cream of course (but if you’re not into mint then ice cream without it will still taste great).

4. Pizza Baked Potatoes

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I don’t know how to make crust for pizza and neither does my younger sister. We also don’t want to experience dough fall onto our faces. Good thing there are pizza baked potatoes! I know, it sounds weird but it doesn’t hurt to try. Add your cheese, spaghetti sauce, and if you’re like me then jalapeño peppers instead of pepperoni.

5. Potato Chips

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Sometimes, all you want are chips until dinner. This is the easiest and fastest ways to make chips. And if you put it in a bag for later, at least you get to decide how much extra air there can be.

6. Cheese sticks

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You have some dipping sauce but nothing to go with it. Well, if you have string cheese in your house you have found something to finish that dipping sauce.

7. Zucchini Fries

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Say you ran out of potatoes because you made potato chips and/or baked potato pizzas but you still want fries. You see those untouched zucchinis in your refrigerator? Meet your new source of fries!

8. Garden Pasta Salad

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I know, for some “salad” throws you off. Trust me, this isn’t bad. Why not actually use one of the billions of dressings stuck in your fridge?

9. Veggie Kabobs

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This will prove to your parents that you can survive almost anything in life if you can turn some vegetables into a great side dish! Okay…that is totally exaggerated and not guaranteed. At least you and your sibling(s) gain more trust with the oven!

10. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Now don’t roll your eyes and leave. I know it seems obvious these sandwiches would be an option. Do not underestimate the power of bread and melted cheese coming together to make you happy haha! Plus, you can add anything else to make this very easy meal more to your liking.