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5 reasons why “Stranger Things” is our ultimate Netflix obsession this summer

Netflix has come out with a few fair original TV shows over the years, some of which aren’t half bad. From the beloved Orange is the New Black to the equally adored Marvel series Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix gives viewers plenty of binge-worthy material. However, they hit it out of the park when they presented Stranger Things to their loyal couch potatoes. The eerie and often jaw-dropping show is not only worth watching for 8 hours straight, but is so good that it makes it impossible to watch any other way. It’s honestly so captivating and intriguing that it deserves the title of “Best Show on Netflix,” for a number of reasons.

1. An Incredible Telekinetic 12-year-old Girl

Eleven isn’t only awesome in her own right, but she makes girls everywhere believe that they can be the hero, too. While she is a little different and just trying to learn the ways of the world, like what a promise is and how delicious Eggo waffles are, this girl consistently saves the butts of boys in the series. She is the ultimate example of female empowerment.

2. The Superb Acting

Good acting in a short series like is one thing, but the quality of acting in this show is something I haven’t seen in a new series in a while. It isn’t easy to pull off the act of convincing audiences that the supernatural exists (look at how long Supernatural has been trying – since 2005!), but Stranger Things definitely makes the “Upside Down” that they talk about seem not only real, but right below our feet.

3. The Most Ultimate Friendships Ever

Three boys, who have probably never left the little town in Indiana they’re from, go on a literal adventure (times infinity!) to find their friend, and just maybe  save said town in the process. Sure, they argue here and there, but stress can take its toll on a group of middle schoolers. Ultimately, they work it all out and show how perfect and true their friendship is. Nothing could be better – or more inspiring to all us normal people out there.

4. The Show’s Ability to Force Us to Binge Watch

I guarantee that every viewer said “I’m going to bed right after this episode,” until they realized that they were still staring wide-eyed at the screen hours later, about to dive into episode 8. Really, there’s no choice but to finish the whole mini-series in one sitting. Each episode ends on just the right amount of cliffhanger that it leaves us wanting more and more, so much so that it forces us into binging, because we absolutely have to know what happens next.  

5. The Mess of Questions We All Had at the End

While most of the time too many loose ends at the end of a new show’s first season is kind of a turn off, audiences would expect nothing less from Stranger Things, because, as the name suggests, there are so many strange things that you can’t help but be left with questions and wonder.

[bctt tweet=”Our only hope is that the show doesn’t jump the shark, like other Netflix Originals.” username=”wearethetempest”]

There were plenty of things left open-ended at the show’s close, but from all different perspectives, which somehow makes it okay. Overall, there was just enough mystery left at the end to leave fans dying for season 2 to start immediately. Our only hope is that the show doesn’t jump the shark, like other Netflix Originals (cough House of Cards cough).

By Silla Alawa

She spends her time writing angsty poetry and struggling with main-stream ignorance. Her pet peeves include a) Kindles and b) slow wifi. Don't ask her what she does in her free time.