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7 hilariously terrible movies you absolutely need to watch

There's a time for everything, and there's definitely a time for bad movies.

There’s a time for everything, and there’s definitely a time for bad movies. While we love to watch a cinematic masterpiece unfold on the screen, we also love to watch a bad movie crumble before our eyes. But, a bad movie does not simply make for success. There is a very specific combination of plot, character development, acting, script, and many other factors that come together with the perfect balance of good and terrible.

Bad movies are great when you want a watch a movie with your group of friends who can’t ever shut up because you don’t even really have to follow the plot to enjoy it. They’re also good for times when you don’t want to think about anything or make sense of anything, because well they don’t make sense! These are the epitome of indulgent, and you deserve to indulge.

1. Sharknado


An obvious, necessary choice. Sharknado is an essential “what-the-hell-is-going-on” movie. It’ll make you redefine the term “bad” when it comes to movies, and you’ll love it. And you won’t know why. But that’s’ the enjoyment of it. You don’t need to know why you love-hate this, you just do.

2. Snakes on a Plane

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.11.17 AM

This has to be a part of anyone’s basic bad movie curriculum. Snakes on a Plane is just proof that anything really can be a movie (I mean, behind Sharknado obviously). It does feed into our pretty universal fear of snakes, and especially snakes in confined spaces, but does it so satisfyingly comically. And c’mon, I mean, it’s FBI agent Samuel L. Jackson trying to save the frightened civilians from what essential become flying snakes.

3. The Wicker Man

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.13.07 AM

Nicolas Cage. That’s almost enough said, isn’t it? When he’s on, he’s really on, but when he’s off, he is off. Lucky for us, when Nicolas Cage is terribly bad, acting off a terrible script, there is almost nothing that beat it in terms of enjoyability. Take a trip to a mysterious island, where police officer Nicolas Cage is searching for a missing girl. When you’re ready to relax, not think about anything, and see Nic Cage completely freak out as he poorly searches for answers on this culty island, turn The Wicker Man off.

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4. Deck the Halls

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Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick are at Christmas war with each other. Broderick, “The Christmas Guy,” gets worried when DeVito, “The New Guy” movies in next door. Bad Christmas movies are, in some ways, a classic. This movie is fueled by overly competitive men who want to have their over-lit houses seen from space on Christmas. In the end, it’s family that’s really important. That wasn’t a spoiler—just comes with the package.

5. Jungle 2 Jungle

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Jungle 2 Jungle is named for the experience of Tim Allen’s son, who goes from one jungle (the actually Amazon) to the concrete jungle of New York City. Clever, right? Tim Allen falls in love with a woman while still married to his estranged wife who has been living in the Amazon for years. Tim goes to break it off and turns out, he has a kid! It’s a movie with a silly premise and continues to be silly through those dad/son bonding moments!

6. Face/Off

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I know, another Nicolas Cage movie, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself! And honestly, Face/Off is too good to not mention. John Travolta has been tracking evil mastermind Nicolas Cage for years. His ultimate plan to catch him? To undergo serious plastic surgery to become him — hence the title, “Face/Off.”

7. Troll 2


With no relationship to the 1986 film Troll, but named Troll 2 to backpack onto Troll‘s popularity. This movie probably has the most ridiculous script ever. It’s so completely ridiculous, and everything about it is so bad. It’s difficult to even attempt to express this plot through words, but basically, it’s a horror movie with a boy who has a serious fear of golblins after his grandfather, who he has visions of and has passed, tells him stories of goblins. That’s not even the half of it, though, and you have to watch this.