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15 college posters that will make you feel like you’re in another place

These are the perfect looks for your dorm.

Freshman year can seem scary. After all, there’s a lot of changes going on; from friends to towns, nothing will be exactly the same as it was in high school. For me, the scariest part was the idea of living in a dorm with strangers, but once I realized that I had the opportunity to decorate this tiny little space however I wanted, things started looking up.

There’s so much stuff to choose from! There’s bedding to think about, desk lamps, etc. But perhaps the most important part is what goes on the wall. The things is, posters can be insanely pricey when bought at certain specialty stores, but you can definitely find cheaper options. Below are some of my favorites; in all sizes, and for different tastes.

1. This really cool nebula, $7.90

2. Think before you speak, $9.94

3. A welcoming pineapple, $4.96

4. An antique world map, $5.86

5. A witty giraffe, $12.99

6. The seven rules of life, $8.94

7. The cutest pug ever, $8.96

8. Wall art to inspire you, $6.54

9. This colorful elephant to brighten your days, $13.98

10. Cause you’re a genius, $9.90

11. This vintage map of Parisian monuments, $9.99

12. The great wave, $4.02

13. This cute elephant with butterflies, $12.99

14. ‘Cause you want your dorm to be classy, $5.52

15. This super cool watercolor map, $6.53

  • Maria Garcia-Arrázola

    Maria García-Arrázola was born in Colombia—which explains her love for coffee—where she lived for most of her life. Her desire to explore the globe and her passion for words and film, drove her to begin her undergraduate studies at Emerson College in Boston, MA.