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THE BEACH VIBES MIX: The Perfect Summer Day

If you're not at the beach right now, you at least wish you were.

This mixtape is brought to you by Maria Garcia-Arrázola, writer at The Tempest and twitter personality. This playlist is all about evoking the perfect summer day by the beach: chill, sexy, spiritual, and blissful.

1. “Seven Day in Sunny June” || Jamiroquai

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. I wait all year long to sing this song when it’s actually June (or July for that matter). It’s perfect to awake your summer spirit, even if that means dancing like an idiot.

2. “Sexual Healing” || Kygo, Marvin Gaye

YASSS!!! I have no other way to describe this song. It’s sexy, “groovy,” and super chill. Also, it’s Marvin Gaye’s classic with a modern twist by the emerging EDM hottie, Kygo.

3. “You And Your Heart” || Jack Johnson

Whenever you’re having a bad day, I swear that Jack Johnson’s music can and will fix it. This song in particular is an all-time favorite of mine from his album dedicated “to the sea;” it’s refreshing, but it also reminds you that it’s ok to be a tough cookie.

4. “Roll the Dice” || DAWA

Ahhh this song is soo romantic in an unusual way. It’s one of my favorites cause you feel like whenever you’re listening to this song, you could meet someone new. It gives you hope.

5. “Say” || John Mayer


I feel like this is a beach classic. I’m not a fan of John Mayer but I really love this song by him because it makes me feel strong and unafraid to speak up for what I care for.

6. “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)” || Felix Jaehn & Jasmine Thompson


This song makes me feel incredibly carefree. It makes me forget about all the things that are worrying me at the time and reminds me of the good things in life, like hanging out and relaxing with people you care about.

7. “Island In The Sun” || Weezer

Also a classic. I’ve loved this song for as long as I can remember. There’s not a lot I can say about it, it’s just so romantic and nice to dance to.

8. “Jubel” || Klingande

The fact that this song barely has any lyrics is why I love it so much. Sometimes you just want something that transmits emotions without using many words, and that’s what this song does.

9. “I’m Still In Love With You” || Sean Paul & Sasha

This one’s a little different, but for any pool or beach moment, you need some Reggae. Sean Paul is my man when it comes to music from this genre, and Sasha adds some romantic vibes to the song, so it’s perfect for when you’re flirting with someone by the beach.

10. “Walking in the Sun” || PANG!

This song is perfect for when you want to connect with your soul. When you’re just looking into the ocean and feeling its power, just contemplating life’s greatest decisions. You know, the usual.


Because we love you, we compiled all of these songs on one playlist. We hope you enjoy!

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