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5 Youtube channels that make science way less intimidating

If you cringe a little when you think about science, or even if you don't, these channels are for you.

I know some of you might cringe a little when you think about science. But science is an art form all on its own with amazement and wonder at every corner… an art form that can sometimes be really, really difficult to understand. Thankfully, YouTube once again has graced all our lives with some #knowledge. Here are some of my favorite science YouTube channels that make science seem less scary.


Weekly videos that include, but are not limited to, gems like, “The Pizza Equation”, “Could You Outrun a Fart?”, and “The Science of Cheating”. I know which one caught your eye, and listen, I’m not gonna judge. I’d wanna know the answer, too.

2. Vsauce

One dude who thinks the world is amazing and tells you all the ways it’s amazing. You never thought about who owns the moon before, but now you do and that question will burn in your mind until you find out the answer.

3. SciShow

Hank Green! It’s Hank Talks-So-Quickly-It-Should-Be-A-World-Breaking-Record Green! Other than my infinite amount of love for the Green brothers, I respect how both have used their influence on Youtube to create channels that educate many of their fans. This particular channel is especially amazing as they post a video every day of the week!

4. Kurzgesagt

Using animation to explain things is my favorite way of learning. Call me basic, but I love me some educational animations that talk about the most interesting things science has to offer.

5. Space & Universe

I think one of the most magical parts of science is astronomy, and this channel gives you that “I am but a speck in the universe” feeling with every video they drop.