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You don’t really love thick girls, and I’ll prove it

Don't believe me? Let me break it down for you.

Yeah, you don’t love thick girls. And don’t try me with that “What do you mean you I don’t love thick girls?” mess. I’m not having it. Hold your irrelevant, weak, pathetic comebacks until the end—actually forever.  You don’t believe me? Let me break it down for you.

It’s all:


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“Dang, I love a girl who’s thick! Curves and all!”

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“Thick girls are so hot!”

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Until I show up.

Girls like me, who, by the way, aren’t skinny and are considered thick, aren’t brought up in those thick girl posts. When you hear people talk about thick girls, it’s the “slim thick witcho cute ass” thick girls. The “not too big” thick girls. The “society-pleasing body types” thick girls.

The thick girls that aren’t that are then considered unimportant.

When I first saw thick girls being talked about more, I got excited, until I noticed girls like me were still barely on my feed. Or should I say basically none at all? Skinny girls and thick girls have always been pitted against each other. Now we have thick girls versus thick girls? Wow.

People are still trying to find ways to tear girls down.

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There’s nothing wrong with the girls in the spotlight. They should love every part of themselves because beauty comes in all sizes. I do not support hate towards them. Hating one other does not solve the issue. But there’s something wrong with only them being cared about and considered beautiful.

Society shouldn’t focus on just one body type of thick girls.

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Let’s start off with this: “fat” is seen as “ugly” when those two words aren’t synonymous with each other. I can’t decide which is worse to hear: “Oh no you’re not fat” or “You’re fat.” 

We still have personalities, talents, dreams, and goals. Stop diminishing us to less than human. It’s sickening to see people trashing body sizes that people label as “disgusting.”

Again, you don’t love thick girls.

You just love a certain body type and are using that to attack girls who aren’t “your type.” I suggest you sit down, get a nice cold glass of water, and think about how ridiculous your mindset is. If you say you love thick girls, it better be all thick girls. There’s no single size all of us follow.

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