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25 times Pokemon Go took to the streets and Twitter

My favorite thing this weekend was watching white Columbia students playing Pokemon Go suddenly look up and realize they were in Harlem.

Ever since the release of Pokemon Go, it’s all anyone can seem to talk about. Thousands of people are finally living their childhood dream of being a real-life Pokemon trainer, and they’re going to tell you all about it on that archive of the global conscious, Twitter.

1. I can see the headlines now: “Man gets bitten by wild goose while playing Pokemon Go.”

2. Are Pokemon gluten free?

3. Yeah, I’m gonna chalk that up to unintended consequences…

4. In related news…

5. Gifs! Gifs everywhere!

6. One for the history books.

7. As if being an adult wasn’t bad enough.

8. Same difference.

9. It’s an invasion of your mind!

10. Damn.

11. More unintended consequences, more bad fanfiction.

12. Filter out the fuckboys.

13. #CoolBoss

14. Pikachu was always kind of a dick…

15. You might be able to get them to run after you, though.

16. When virtual reality imitates reality reality.

17. A new dimension to office politics

18. The dream of the ’90s is alive down the street from this dude’s house.

19. It’s called priorities.

20. But can you get the cat to battle other cats?

21. The new Netflix and chill.

22. Reflecting conversations around the nation.

23. Catch ’em while you can, David Cameron!

24. I’m gonna guess Charizard…

25. I feel like this will one day be the abstract of a research paper.