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5 delicious summer recipes for when you’re on your period

You know that time when you're on your period in the summertime? You can't go to the pool, you're not in the mood for physical activity, and warm, plush blankets don't satisfy you the way they used to?

Don’t you just hate it when Aunt Flo comes to visit in summertime? You can’t go to the pool if you’re wearing pads, you’re not in the mood for physical activity, and warm, plush blankets don’t satisfy you the way they used to? You might as well play Satisfied from Hamilton on repeat to emphasize how at this point, you and your menstrual cramps will NEVER be relieved.

Well, maybe you can get some relief. And yes, food can do it for you. I know, the last thing you want to do is get up, take out food, put it in a bowl, and mix away. Seems like too much physical activity for the time of the month. However, these five summer recipes can make your summertime periods not just bearable but definitely more  refreshing.

1. Summer Berry Parfait with Yogurt and Granola

Yogurt is great to eat during your period. Especially if you’re one who is not in the mood to experience PMS, because yogurt’s really good at reducing that. And with the mix of berry bright flavors to make it less plain, what could be better? You can find the recipe right here.

2. Orange Summer Cooler

You’re going to have an orange overload here.  Oranges are a great source of Thiamine, which helps reduce stress, so you can cool off and relax. If you’re in more of a Creamsicle kind of mood, I suggest either adding a little extra vanilla extract, or get vanilla ice cream in the mix with the orange sherbet. The proof is in the milkshake.

3. Summer Squash Bread

Whole grains keep the periods away. Okay,they actually don’t keep them away, but they do have an excellent source of magnesium to reduce the cramps that cause you so much pain. It’s great to see squash grow in people’s local gardens, but how else can you eat them besides steaming them or putting them in salads? Congratulations, you’ve made squash less boring to eat!

4. Banana Bread in a Bowl

Plot twist: there is absolutely no bread in this bowl. But after looking at the ingredients, you can see why it has the banana bread type of taste. The reason why you need a banana based type of food on your period, is because in the great words of Viner Jay Walker, you must “poop, like no one’s in the next stall!” Yes, it’s hard to poop while we’re on our periods, but bananas help us poop better. You’re already sweaty from it being hot out, let’s not be constipated on top of that.

5. Texas Sheet Cake with Fudge Icing

I know, I know. Chocolate and other junk food are not good to eat while on your period. But it doesn’t taste better than when you’re on your period that it has become a tradition in female circles! You can’t argue with tradition! If you’re like me and are allergic to nuts, lose the pecans. You can replace them with Graham cracker crumbs in your icing, or anything else your heart desires. Might be a nice side with some smores by the camp fire, even.

There you have it! For more of these delicious recipes, check out Pinterest. Mother Pinterest can never do us wrong. Best of luck to you during your time of the month. May the right tampons be with you.