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13 beautiful swimsuits you’ll be dying to wear right now

Bet you didn't know that you can find the prettiest swimsuits around, without shelling out your life savings.

I know that summertime feels dooming to those of who don’t look like the unrealistic body types the media tries to sell us as the norm, but it shouldn’t. As the saying goes, the only thing you need to get bikini body ready is to put on a bikini.

That said, how pretty you want that bikini to be is where the real daunting feeling comes. With so many options and many being overpriced, it sometimes feels like it would be easier to just stick to the same basic swimsuit you’ve been wearing for the last five years. But I recently discovered that Amazon, not ASOS, Swimsuits For All, or Forever 21 (although all great in their own right), is where you can find some of the cutest swimsuits at the best prices.

1. This glorious one-piece, $17.89

2. This lace beauty,  $11.88 – $18.99

3. A fabulous multi-colored two-piece, $18.99 – $19.99

4. This pretty cut-out piece, $17.69

5. If you’re feeling fringe-y, $10.99 – $16.59

6. An elegant cherry piece, $19.99 – $29.99

7. An understated beauty, $16.99

8. A black-and-white masterpiece, $23.99

9. You’re not gonna wanna mesh this up, $15.89 – $19.99

10. Fluorescent simplicity, $13.99 – $15.32

11. A retro rose-patterned piece, $23.99

12. A laid-back crochet lace one piece, $9.98 – $15.98

13. High-waisted tropical piece, $13.00 – $28.00

Many of the swimsuits come in several colors and patterns, and half are available for Prime shipping. Happy shopping, friends!