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The 5 stages of starting your Pokemon Go addiction

Either way, you will be walking home a victor, and no one can take that away from you, walk of shame? HA. More like walk of fame, look who just caught their first Growlithe.

It seems like everybody is playing Pokemon Go these days. From bar crawling to dating events, this Poke-hype is not just for kids, but for anyone who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. I like to play not just for nostalgia, but because it’s fun. With Pokemon Go, you can turn your neighborhood into your own personal arena, with gyms popping up at “landmark” locations, such as a movie theater or a local restaurant.

The most nerve wrecking aspect of it, besides conquering gyms, is catching the pokemon. Below are the typical 5 stages of pokemon catching.



Shoes tied? Check. Water? Check. Frying pan? Check.

When Ash set off on his Pokemon journey, he made sure to pack all of the essentials in his backpack, this also applies to your Pokemon Go journey. Depending on your destination, you may wind up all over your neighborhood, through the city, or near a water source (those water Pokemon can be kind of tricky!) so make sure to wear some comfy shoes and bring a battery pack before you head out.



Once you’re out and about, you’re ready to start catching Pokemon. There is a small rectangle on the bottom right of your screen that will show you how close the Pokemon are to you. One set of footprints shows Pokemon that are close by, three sets means you better get going. The faster you get to the Pokemon, the better chance you’ll have at catching it, just make sure to catch your breath too!



Stage three is perspiration, this game and the hot summer combined have turned me into a walking puddle of sweat. I’ve always been really into the outdoors, but Pokemon Go is a different kind of outdoor activity, one that pushes you to go to places that you wouldn’t be interested in otherwise. Pokemon Go invites you to explore your neighborhood, and see those familiar places in a brand new light.

Building up a sweat is part of the Poke-journey, but maybe afterwards, a shower would do some good too.



Once you’ve gotten your walking and sweating out of the way, it’s time to catch a Pokemon! Catching a Pokemon in Pokemon go is a bit different from the tv series, instead of catching them by weakening them, you just throw the Pokeball at them. This sounds easy, but it can be a bit of a challenge, specially when those flying Pokemon start trying to fly away! The Pokemon will have a circle over them, in which you need to land a Pokeball in order to catch it. The smaller the circle, the more challenging the catch is, and the more powerful the Pokemon is.

Most of the time the Pokemon will be facing you, but sometimes not! This leads to hilarious whipping back and forth as you circle around looking for your catch. Once you do find them, make sure to use that camera button! Pokemon tend to pick great places to be, so take screen shots!



Once that Pokeball is done shaking, you’ve done it! You are now the proud owner of a new Pokemon. If you go to the Pokemon’s name, you can even give it a nickname of your choice, and see what items you’ll need in order to evolve it. Victory can be bitter sweet, at this point you might start looking around and realizing you wandered further away from home than you meant to. And that you’re out of snacks. And that you forgot to pack your battery pack after all. Hopefully your phone will have the tiniest sliver of battery left to map your way home.. or not.

Either way, you will be walking home a victor, and no one can take that away from you, walk of shame? HA. More like walk of fame, look who just caught their first Growlithe.