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7 life-changing YouTube tutorials that are perfect for people with curly hair

God bless Youtube beauty gurus.

And I mean, really: God bless Youtube beauty gurus. If it weren’t for the beautiful ladies on Youtube teaching me how to do makeup or style my hair, I would resemble a bag of hot garbage right now. All my knowledge of makeup has come from Youtube tutorials, but what Youtube beauty gurus taught me about curly hair is what changed my life forever.

While I grew up hating my curly hair, once I learned to love it, I turned to these Youtube tutorials to help make my hair reach its full potential. I started off old-school by reading Curly Girl: The Handbook that taught me never to use normal shampoo ever again, but then it escalated into several different techniques learned from tutorials.

I now keep these different videos in my back pocket for whenever I want to change up my hair routine, and I hope they help your curls as greatly as they did mine!

1. Go BIG or go home.

My entire life goals can be found here in this video. SunKissAlba is where I go to dream about a version of myself that could have hair as absolutely stunning as hers. The video above is just one of her many videos on her channel, which I highly recommend everyone check out. She grew her hair out after years of styling it straight, and now has literally all the tips a curly girl would need for perfecting curls. Without question, she’s my ultimate favorite curly hair guru.

2. Shamelessly love your curls – ALL of them!

A tutorial that caters to all curly hair types, and one that takes you right into the shower, thus showing you every step and technique! I especially like how the channel’s voice over sounds like it would be the kind you hear on professional commercials or audio books. So soothing.

3. Style like the best in the business.

This may sound bougie as hell, but I only get my hair cut at Devachan Salon after so many awful hair cuts. Created by the same author behind Curly Girl: The Handbook, this salon is all about curls and learning to take care of them. After my first amazing hair cut with them, I fell in love with their technique and immediately searched for a video I could imitate as soon as I got out of the shower. Using metal clips for the front of my hair is my favorite tip of all time, as I prefer my curls to chill out when they frame my face.

4. Just. Drink. (Cold) Water.

Okay, so I think this girl has some sort of magic in that she does not use any products when she is styling her hair. She only uses water, and while I can’t do that myself, her tutorial taught me the value of good, cold water on curly hair. In the second half of the video, she shows how her sister does her hair, who does use products. Both are beautiful.

5. Find your go-to routine.

This video was basically my go-to method in my senior year of high school. I loved that it would automatically make the front side of my hair soft and wavy, and it gave my curls a more stretched-out, relaxed look versus my often big and voluminous look. Also, while she kept it twisted up for 20 minutes, I would usually sleep in it to get the soft look. The result is the hair you see in my bio picture on this site, and I was obsessed with it all throughout that year. However, after moving to Providence (which is a lot more humid than good ol’ dry Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), I had to switch it up. But I’ll always cherish this technique.

6.  Get pumped for curls!

This is more-or-less the same technique that SunKissAlba uses, but it gives you a little more variety and is done on a woman with a different type of hair texture than SunKissAlba. Also, the guy’s excitement is fun to watch.

7. Find your curly-haired crush.

Honorary mention: Annie Khalid’s soon-to-come Youtube channel. I actually found out about Annie Khalid through one of The Tempest’s mixtapes: The Masala Mix: Desi Ladies Making Music. First of all, make sure to check that playlist out because it’s on fire. Secondly, when I saw Khalid’s glorious, glorious curls, I was obsessed immediately.

I tried to find any tip or technique she would mention on her Instagram or WordPress account, only to find out that she was going to start a Youtube channel. I am so ready to learn from this lady, because if I could get hair like hers – and as long as hers – I would truly die a happy, curly hair girl. I’ve already subscribed and am waiting for a life-changing video to drop.