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10 absolutely delicious desserts that just happen to be vegan

They're even better than the original desserts. Fight me.

When you think of summer, you think of the beach, the sun, the slightly-sunburnt shoulders of everyone around you, and you think of summer sweets. Some of the first things that come to mind? Cold ice cream, delicious parfaits, and crispy peach and apple pies. What comes to mind as a vegan? Zilch.

Well, not totally zilch, since good ol’ popsicles got our back. But the majority of recipe collections for summertime barbecues or picnics cater to the dairy-eating world, and while that’s all good and swell, I don’t think vegans should be left out of all the fun. So here are some 10 delicious vegan summer sweets that even your non-vegan friends will want.   

1. This delicious raw peach tart.

Imagine yourself invited to a swanky boat party by your dumb ex and his/her/their dumb friends. Now, imagine yourself walking on that boat in your all white outfit like a real classy Hampton gal with this beauty in your hands. Blow their hipster minds away when you tell them it’s vegan, too.

[bctt tweet=”Blow their hipster minds away when you tell them it’s vegan, too.” username=”wearethetempest”]

2. A vegan chocolate ice cream that will make you cry.

Listen, I got emotional looking at this photo alone. Tell me you don’t wish you could just drizzle this chocolate masterpiece all over your face. And it’s not one of those unattainable desserts you see on Goop — it only needs 4 ingredients!

3. These little clouds of strawberry love.

God bless the little hearts of these strawberry cheesecake bites. Yeah, I said cheesecake. Do you need cheese? No, but you need the imagination and skill of a vegan mastermind, so I suggest you go check out the ingredients to these little visions of heaven.

4. A soft-serve banana cherry dream.

Soft-serve ice cream isn’t exclusive to those damn ice-cream trucks on the beach. You can have vegan soft-serve twice as good as any non-vegan soft-serve. And what’s more summertime than pink soft-serve?

5. Another cheesecake masterpiece that isn’t really cheese.

On the topic of pink and summertime, look at this artistry. It’s a raw (no-bake desserts for the win) strawberry, lemon and macadamia cheesecake that could break your heart, it’s that good. This is also one of those desserts you could bring to a posh party, even maybe in combination with the aforementioned peach tart. You’ll be the talk of the town.

6. More strawberry deliciousness.

This strawberry shortcake reminds me why I’m alive. It gives life meaning all on its own, and it reminds me just how many options there are out there in this big, vast, vegan universe. Bring it your next philosophical book club, and ponder over the meaning of veganism and human existence while you’re at it.

[bctt tweet=”This strawberry shortcake reminds me why I’m alive.” username=”wearethetempest”]

7. This healthy alternative to the classic popsicle.

While most popsicles on the market are vegan, as it’s essentially water, sugar and food coloring, they tend to be absurdly bad for your health. So make these delicious blueberry and raspberry popsicles instead, and save yourself from a bad sugar crash at the beach.

8. Go nuts for these coconut donuts.

If given the chance, I would easily choose three dozen donuts as a main meal every single day of my life. I love donuts so much, and when I went vegan, I thought I had to go to donut rehab. But alas, these coconut vegan donuts were here to save me. While I think donuts should be served at every meal, this would be especially perfect for a picnic outing at the park.

9. Glorious chocolate fudge popsicles.

So this may not be as healthy as a fruit-based popsicle, but hey, it’s still better than cold food-coloring, am I right? Plus, these popsicles are exactly the kind one imagines when experiencing two-degree burns on the beach and your body is just dying to cool down.

10. The classic apple pie.

Nothing screams “summer” like a good ol’ fashion apple pie. It’s the kind of dessert you can bring anywhere, and with this special caramel sauce, you’re sure to be praised for your culinary skills. Don’t tell anyone it’s vegan until after they’ve eaten it, and see how they react.