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21 too-real things you’ll definitely understand as a hijabi

There's the racist backlash you're likely to receive, and then there're the comedic, awful side to things we don't think twice about.

As a hijabi for over three years, I have been through enough of the struggle to be able to recite the list backwards. There’s the racist backlash you’re likely to receive, and then there’re the comedic, awful side to things we don’t think twice about. Read on and brag about your survival skills because the struggle is way too real.

1. Having to deal with the hijab sun tan

Half your face is beautifully even and then (the terror!)… you find that as soon as you take off your hijab the line just stops.

2. The struggle of buying stylish modest clothing

Hmm? What’s that? Did you want that very nice shirt that covered you properly? Ah-HAH! Too expensive! Or there is a very non-discrete hole in a very odd place.

3. Hiding behind furniture when you don’t have your hijab on, and a man enters the room

If you wear a hijab, then that table makes a very nice spot.

4. When the wind picks up, hardcore

*insert screaming and anger here*

5. Explaining that your inane questions really aren’t appreciated. 

So yeah, the reason my hijab smells so great is that I shower with it on, you genius, you! Makes perfect sense.

6. Having to deal with the strange looks you get for wearing hijab

No comment.

7. All the times you apologized for things that weren’t your fault because you felt obligated to by the random lady harassing you on the subway

(As in, everything that ever happened. Period.)

8. The Hijab Question

If you’re wearing hijab: “were you forced into wearing it?” and if not, “so when will you start wearing it?”

9. When you forgot to make wudu, but you’ve already got a full face of makeup on.

The anguish and pain when your perfectly done eyeliner and mascara smears all over your beautiful face.

10. When you get an expensive manicure but you can only keep the nail polish on for a week.

People also searched for ‘what makes a Muslim nail aficionado’s blood curdle.’

11. #GrowingUpWithStrictParents

The answer is no.

12. When you are putting on your hijab and you continually stab yourself with the stupid pins.

Blood. Blood everywhere.

13. Having a thousand scarves but you can’t find “the One”

14. When there is a hijabi on a television show and you get so excited!!

…but wait. She’s just another one of those stereotypical ‘Muslim terrorists’. Never liked that show anyway, right?

15. When you walk outside in the summer and the heat hits you full on

This is why AC’s a thing, am I right?

16. When you get away with hiding candy in your hijab in the movie theater

They never saw it coming.

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