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30 reasons why #BlackOutEid is swaggy and beautiful

Flexin' on a whole other level.

Yesterday, #BlackOutEid was trending everywhere from Abuja to Seattle, Toronto, London and Minneapolis. Black Muslims flooded the Twittersphere with photos in their most swagged out, beautiful outfits – showing the world that Black is indeed beautiful.

The creator of the tag, @krennylavitz, wanted to create a space specifically for Black Muslims online. Using twitter as her platform, she hoped to leverage the playing field a bit, as Black Muslim beauty isn’t typically showcased due to anti-blackness. Why wait around to be represented, right? 

The hashtag created a space for Black Muslims to showcase their joy, family, and Eid traditions. Take a look at some of our favorite #BlackOutEid tweets.

1. What a flex.

2. #blessed.

3. Pose!

4. That highlight.

5. That outfit, though.

6. Beautiful

7. *Dabs*

8. Cue the song…


10. Love her outfit.

11. Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation.

12. Okay fellas now let’s get in formation.

13. *Heart eyes*

14. Sweating or not, y’all look good.

15. Love the eyelet.

16. Sibling goals.

17. On fleek.

18. Suit grind.

19. Squad envy.

20. Adorable.

21. Amazing.

22. Pretty in pink.

23. Boss lady.

24. Perfection.

25. When the fit match the walls.

26. Eyeliner on fleek.

27. Look at all those smiles.

28. Blessed, indeed.

29. Stunning.

30. So lovely.

Eid Mubarak, everyone!