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Cockroaches and I have a love-hate relationship

I haven't seen many people willingly kill a cockroach with their feet. The size of the crunch is too unbearable.

I said at one point how much bugs terrify me, and I wasn’t lying! However, as much as I despise roaches like how I despise other bugs, I have a sense of respect for them. A long time ago, I saw a large roach on my bathroom sink, and I didn’t do anything about it. I just tried to stay as quiet as I could, escaping the bathroom, so that I wouldn’t cause it to move. We tend to give cockroaches a lot of crap, and I wanted to change the conversation. Weird, I know, but actually, kind of interesting too. Plus, this poem has a funnier theme than my last poem.

In the corner of the room,

A dark figure takes head in its dominance.

Whether it’s real

Or avoiding the humiliation about to be written in

His life’s story book,

Doesn’t matter.

Cockroaches can be quite noisome.

What purpose could they serve other than to creep

In the deathly hallows of faulty garages

And unruly bathrooms?

Isn’t that why they’re meant to be stomped on?


I haven’t seen many people willingly kill a cockroach with their feet.

Whether they invade dirty spaces,

Or even clean spaces.

The size of the crunch is too unbearable.

We would rather be pansies and use disinfectant,

Or other forms of spray.

So does that make us the filthy ones?

We’re cowards for opting to shower at the gym

Whenever we witness their presence.

Think of them

As the Robin Hood of all insects,

Taking left over food from the privileged Homo sapiens

To feed the souls of your poor roach

Brothers and sisters.

Could be a biased statement at this point,

But who cares?

The cockroach can survive longer than other earthly species

With its head cut off.

Obviously it knows not to sink low into the shallow waters

Of a shattered mind when it loses its head.

Not only does it die with grace,

But it lives with it too.

So, dear cockroaches,

As much we don’t like you,

Consider this as a sign of respect for you.

A call for you to continue dominating the room.