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Bring bright colors into your life with these 5 summer trends

Show your love for pastels, unicorns, and rainbows this season.

When spring comes into the picture, the color black and I have a bit of separation anxiety. In fact, during the fall and winter, nearly all I wear is very simple and more on the gray scale (I know, boring). But these new colorful trends have made me reconsider the addition of color into my overall look and have reminded me of how much I used to love pastels, unicorns, and rainbows as a kid (I was obsessed with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada).

So without further ado, here are ways in which you can show your love for color this summer.

1. Pastel clothing

Chloé added lots of color to their usual romantic designs this season (shown above). Whether you decide on a dress or blouse, these pastel stripes are everywhere and can give a unicorn/rainbow feel to any boho look. If you’re looking for similar options on the affordable side, check out this H&M dress, or this one, or check out this Zara blouse If you want to add just a touch of this trend to your look but don’t want to go too overboard (this will probably be me). Also, remember that the color pink is very “in” this season (yay!) and something as simple as this H&M dress can keep your look trendy, classy, and feminine.

2. Pom pom sandals

Tassels have been a thing for quite a while in clothes, handbags, and shoes. But now, candy-looking pom pom’s are becoming quite the sensation this summer. Dolce & Gabbana (on the left) and Aquazzura (on the right) featured varying shoe designs with colored pom pom’s, including strappy sandals and heels. Steve Madden and other brands like Zara, have cheaper versions of these designs, but you can also DIY and add other accessories as well. For those who don’t want to wear these beauties on their feet, there’s also the option of adding them to a handbag!

3. Rainbow highlighter

This summer, you don’t have to limit the use of colors to your wardrobe, you can add them to your face as well. This rainbow highlighting technique might be a bit out there, but it’ll certainly step up your strobing game. You can get the product at Etsy and apply it with a flat brush on your cheekbones for a subtle rainbow glow. You can also try it on your eyelids (specially on your inner corners) and nose.

If you’re like me and don’t plan on wearing this look on a daily basis, it can certainly work for a summer concert or a really cool unicorn-inspired photoshoot.

4. Colored ombré eyebrows

If you’re not all about the subtle pastels and want to try bolder colors on your face (and not particularly on your lips), then this makeup look is for you. Although thicker and fuller brows have been trending ever since Cara Delevingne became famous, now things are being taken to another level with this fun addition to the usual brow filling.

If you feel like switching things up and using bright blues, pinks, or purples (instead of browns), then all you have to do is follow your usual brow routine but switch the color you’re using. Also, you don’t necessarily have to do ombré, but if you do, check out this tutorial.

5. Pastel hair colors

Playing around with hair colors is something that some of us have been doing for years, but now it’s becoming part of the norm to do so. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner have been trying out soft blues, pinks, and lilacs (many times as wigs) and have changed the meaning of hair dyeing. If you’re not willing to compromise on one color for your entire hair, then you can certainly try out less radical techniques like pastel-colored highlights or ombré (as shown above).

Personally, I love this mermaid/unicorn-inspired trend because it’s subtle and playful. I think it’s a unique way to play around with your hair color without necessarily going with bright colors, and hey, you can always try clip-ons.