Race, Inequality

5 reasons why you need to shut up about reverse racism

Just because I'm angry doesn't mean I can't be taken seriously.

I’m just going to get straight to the point.

1. White people have never been oppressed, nor a minority.

Racism is the equivalent of power and privilege. Therefore, ethnic minorities within a historically white institution or society cannot be racist towards a white person, the inherent majority possessing both power and privilege.

Privilege: A structural, institutional, and social advantage.

White people occupy positions of racial privilege. For example, in the workplace, it’s well known that a white woman would make more money then a black woman would. The reason is the main difference within racial behavior rifts.

Power is a given, as white people have a greater influence over the minority. For instance, white people reap the benefits of their privilege and power when they aren’t arrested for drug crimes at high end rates, while black people receive abuse and face larger, more deadly charges for the same crime. White people have been lent the factor of innocence, youth, and naivety, leaving minority groups hanging by a thread. People of color talking about white people does not mean people of color suddenly possess privilege or power. Therefore, they cannot be racist.

Racism is structural, not a personal emotion or thought, while reverse racism is just a lie.

2. Wanting so-called equality with the “All Lives Matter” movement

When Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and murdered by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator, a historical movement called Black Lives Matter began. Protesters began more publicly demonstrating the pointless murders of countless African Americans by the hands of law enforcement and officials.

Soon after the BLM movement began, so did the ridiculous All Lives Matter movement. All Lives Matter created empty air and wasted time, because when the nation needed to start focusing on how people were dying because of racial prejudice and injustices, we suddenly needed to be “reminded” that all lives matter – and that we were being racist by only thinking of black lives. It was systemic oppression at its finest.

3. Anger is a reasonable response to life long oppression

When we hear the words ‘reverse racism‘, it’s most likely being used as a response to angry language, protests, even fights for equality. To retaliate that, let me put it this way: if you have spent your life pushing back against the majority, one that doesn’t even have to blink to achieve privilege and power, your voice does not have to be moderate. You have reason to use strong language and a loud voice if it means people will listen. And, as a bonus, you can also know that it still isn’t reverse racism. But you already knew that.

4. Prejudice and racism: not the same thing

As Justin Simien of Dear White People puts it, “Prejudice and racism are different. A joke about white people dancing has no impact on the lives of average white people, whereas jokes about black people and reinforcing stereotypes about black people do have an impact on the lives of everyday black people.”


5. The hard truth doesn’t mean it’s racist towards you, promise

Making a mean comment is different from adding to racist culture by making a racist comment. For some, it can be hard to be confronted by POC stating the true meaning behind racism, or pointing out how privilege and power works. When overwhelmed when the facts, it’s tempting to take it personally and attack, stating that said person is being mean by saying these things. Next thing you know, the person’s saying that the POC is a racist and just wants to worsen the plight of ‘all white people’.


Overall: to anyone that still believes reverse racism is still a thing, a video for your enjoyment here. Keep watching until it runs out. It’s more helpful than your arguments for reverse racism.