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4 bugs that serve no purpose on this planet

Unless you are a bee, a worm, or a particular species of spider, you can die.

If you know me in my personal life, I am not a big fan of bugs, especially when it comes to the ones that fly and sting. Every time I even think I hear one of those, this is how I react:

Sure, there can be some beauty and fascination about them, but they are not my favorite to interact with in my daily life. To be honest, many bugs reproduce like crazy and are not at risk of extinction… but I would really love if 90% of the bugs on this planet disappeared. Unless you are a bee, a worm, or a particular species of spider, I believe you, as an organism, serve no purpose on this planet. I know –that’s factually incorrect. I’m biased. BUT here are a few bugs I really, really think should go anyway.

1. Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are such a nuisance. Their main diet is sucking the blood of other mammals, humans included.

I wouldn’t even mind that they used our bodies as protein if their bites didn’t cause diseases or cause us to itch and scar so much. And it’s not the bite itself that make us itch either. It’s their saliva from their bites. So not only is that annoying, that’s freaking disgusting!

2. Wasps

Our environment would suffer if we lost bees, for obvious reasons (e.g. no agriculture, no honey). This is not true for wasps. Besides disturbing us, they also disturb our agriculture. So those memes and gifs we see about wasps just being total assholes are totally valid.

And they’re not even good looking, you guys. Not to be shallow or anything, but seeing a bee land on a flower, it’s always the kind of photo shot for films and pics and drawings. Seeing a wasp land on a flower, we’d weep for the poor flower.

3. Gnats

Heck, we’d even weep for alleys and garbage cans that have a swarm of gnats surrounding them too. They don’t sting, they’re not scary, but they’re just as much of a nuisance as the other insects I have listed. Any upcoming swarm could make us look as ridiculous as this:

If you argue that as long as we stay away from alley ways and trash cans, we’re good, you’re wrong. Some are aquatic, okay? So if you think you can just chill out near the family lake over the weekend without any problems, ooh, you’re DEAD wrong.

4. Moths

The final bug that I know is on everybody’s shit list is the moth. Because of them we always have to worry about shutting the door so quickly that they can’t make it into our house at night. This only works about ten percent of the time, especially in the summertime because of the “bright lights” they’re so attracted to. Even when we kill them with the lamps they’re dumb enough to fall for, they can be a nuisance ten seconds before the end of their life.

To the bug lovers who will rant about how they are God’s precious creatures who don’t deserve hate, I will not say “no offense” for your sake. I mean total offense towards these evil creatures, because they have offended us 99% percent of the time with their actions if it’s not just their presence alone.