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5 must-watch movies you need to be able to battle Donald Trump

Here’s the deal: until November rolls around, we might never have to hear Trump’s name again, or we’ll have to hear it 24/7. The latter will only happen if he becomes president. In the meantime, and even to prepare you for possibly the most disappointing day in America’s life, you’re going to need tools to battle him from your living room couch as you watch another racist/homophobic/sexist/xenophobic/stupid speech from him on your television, your computer, or even from your local coffee shop is a Trump rally hasn’t hit your town yet.

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No one has the time for five hundred page long guidebooks, so hear are the five movies that should prepare you to battle Donald Trump instead.

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1. Dead Poets Society

Especially if you’re the type of person who is more of a lover than a fighter, this encourages what Trump doesn’t want from you, self-confidence in the evolving America, and not “making America great again.” Poetry is what you must stay alive for, and you must get your verses out there to protect yourself and others from Trump’s detachable wig. Art can be a great weapon, people.

2. Enough

Not only can you see one of the most successful Latinas in media kick ass, it can remind you of how to kick Trump’s ass. My Latina sisters, if you remember his xenophobic and racist speech way back when about immigrants and Mexicans, hopefully this film can definitely fire you up. If America Fererra can raise the Latin vote with her online essay, J-Lo can increase the rise of fists-ready women.

3. Dear White People

If you’re not one for physical contact on the battleground, Justin Simien’s film helps you set up the perfect mixtape. If Trump talks about how “the blacks love him” when the majority of African Americans he faces work for him and the one friend he has (maybe had at this point), you can play some famous lines from the movie such as “The amount of black friends to not seem racist has just been raised to two.”

4. Django Unchained

Although I’m personally over Quentin Tarantino’s his reason of artistic license of the word “nigger,” this film can still be motivation to fight Donald Trump. You have Jamie Foxx, the only black guy in the room, killing all of the racist white people he sees. If one black person can face a large group of evil white people, a group of black people can face one evil white person.

5. The Room

Okay, if all else fails, you can use the worse movie of all time to have a little contest with Trump. Basically on who can be the most hilarious without being such a bigot. In response to the comments he made about Orlando recently, just use your best expressive acting abilities (or worse, depending on your humorous style) and shout “You’re tearing me apart, Donald!” Unintelligibility might be your best bet.

Be sure to watch all five of these movies, as well as your own choice of movies to help you battle Donald Trump. You may even come across the good old days when all Trump was good for was having short cameos in nineties movies, like The Little Rascals or Home Alone 2. For now, we’re facing some bad days, so don’t forget to make these movies your priority.

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By Maya Williams

Maya Williams has her Bachelor’s in Social Work and Bachelor’s in English from East Carolina University. She also has her Master’s in Social Work and Certificate in Applied Arts and Social justice from the University of New England. She has published articles and poems on sites such as The Tempest, INTER, Black Girl Nerds, Multiracial Media, GlitterMOB, and Soft Cartel. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and performing spoken word poetry, facilitating writing workshops for youth, and watching movies/musicals.