The stages of buying a Father’s Day gift

What do you get the man who's given you everything?

Buying your father a gift on Father’s Day is always a process. How do you even attempt to make or get something that properly shows your undying appreciation? While you’re procrastinating on getting a gift (like me) take a look at this list, which documents the annual cycle of gift-buying.

1. Realize that Father’s Day is coming up

KEEP GLAM / detail 002

2. Instinctive “Ugh, do I have to get a gift?”

(I realize this is June, not Christmas, but that face just works so well for the sentiment)

Day 318. Walmart, you're doing it wrong.

3. Answer own question: “Yes, Dad is awesome and deserves a gift.”

4. Decision one: Store-bought or homemade?

DIY Duct Tape Bows

Matching father-daugher bowties, anyone? Sometimes store-bought is nicer, homemade shows more thought.

5. Rack brains for father’s hobbies.

"Play the long ball"

Does watching the game on TV count?

6. Do I get him something work-related?


Pretty, but also pretty boring.

7. Is baking an option, or is he on a diet?

Think you have it bad? My poor friend is a baker but has a father with no sweet-tooth.

8. Have we had any conversations where he’s mentioned wanting something?

Oh, but he has more money than I do, so he probably would just buy it for himself.

9. Does this funny internet thing that I found work?

Online shopping

Or is it too impersonal?

10. Decide on gift.


11. Make a plan to buy the gift.

12. Procrastinate on said plan.

13. Realize Father’s Day is coming up super soon. Scramble to get gift.

3, 2, 1… Go!!

14. Homemade vs. store bought debate part 2: What do I do for the card?

15. Wrap gift.

Sometimes this requires a bit of creativity based on the size and shape of the gift.

16. Rack brains for appropriate and original way to express sentiments in card.

Writing a book is learning to be patient

Is this just like what I said last year?

17. Hope that he likes it

18. See the reaction, and most importantly, give the gift with a big hug and a “Thank you!”

A Soldier from the RAF Regiment is Hugged by his Daughter on his Return from Afghanistan

19. Realize that Father’s Day is about more than just the gifts.

I do

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