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Stop pretending you support our community’s self-love

The self-love party was lit until our hashtags started getting ripped off.

Self-love is something the Black community needs to have and needs to spread to one another. I have already mentioned before about the wonderful #BlackOutDay that occurs every few months thanks to the original creators T’von, Marissa, and nunkirk. I also love #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackExcellence.

Recently, we saw #BlackGirlsBreakTheInternet and #BlackBoysBreakTheInternet trending on twitter along with #BlackGuyNerds a few days later (started by Jamie Broadnax a.k.a. BlackGirlNerds on twitter). Here we have these great hashtags trending, making us all happier. The party was lit until our hashtags were getting ripped off.

#WhiteGirlsBreakTheInternet, #GaysBreakTheInternet, #LesbiansBreakTheInternet, and even #5SOSFansBreakTheInternet all climbed up after us. I thought it was clear enough the first time we told people not to do this. This is same situation with #WhiteGirlMagic and #AllLivesMatter. Black people are not allowed to uplift our own race because it is “racist” and “offensive” to all the other beautiful races out there. We know there is beauty within other races, however, we are focusing on us since we’ve been taught not to for many centuries. And yes, we know that we are people of color too and are all for POC unity, but we are also the most discriminated out of POC.

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The need for this article is already proof enough of how black people “must justify” why it’s okay to love ourselves. We see it right here with Black Lives Matter Activist Johnetta Elzie having to respond after expressing love for her fellow black girls.

We are always told to share and never take something for ourselves. When we were wondering why black actors weren’t nominated during the Oscars, people replied with “Well, you’re not the only race who deals with this!” When we started to scream “Black Lives Matter!” we got “Well, all lives matter too!” in response. When we say #BlackExcellence, we got “Well, you’re not the only successful group out there!” Anything starting off with “Well” always pulls along something irrelevant.

[bctt tweet=”Black people are not allowed to uplift our own race because it is ‘racist’ and ‘offensive.'” username=”wearethetempest”]

If loving ourselves and sending positivity to one another is considered selfish to you, we don’t care because we’re the ones who aren’t sitting around bitter. Also if you really want to uplift yourself, create your own hashtag.

Without ripping us off.

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